Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – Statement on renewed fighting in Blue Nile State (22.10.2022)

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors regrets the renewed fighting in Blue Nile State, Damazin countryside, after the relative calm witnessed in the conflict areas in the previous weeks.

These unfortunate events were renewed despite the warnings they issued the state’s living civil forces and doctors’ committees, and all indications indicate that the origin of the problem has not yet been addressed, and that the state government has not seriously sought to resolve the conflict, and there are some affiliated with the regional government involved in supporting one of the parties to the conflict.

The Committee, while sending its deepest condolences and sympathy to both parties; It confirms that the ongoing battles have left a number of dead and dozens wounded, most of them outside the borders of the city of Damazin, and we have been working since the beginning of the events to count them and verify the data despite the difficulty of the task of obtaining accurate information and numbers.

We also reassure the families and families of the injured on both sides that they are fine and in complete health, and we also ask them to have self-restraint and renounce conflict and discrimination, for what unites the Sudanese – despite their different cultures and the multiplicity of their faces and dialects – is greater than what separates them.

The repetition of these events indicates that there are parties behind them that are used by a means for pressure and political gain, the coup government is not innocent of that.

Months after the outbreak of the first incidents, a security precaution could have been taken to prevent another incident, but the state of security liquidity continued to worsen the security situation in a way that portends a catastrophe.

The coup authority bears responsibility for the blood shed in the Nile State, Al-Azraq, and it bears the burden of the war that erupted in the Lagawk region of Kordofan and led to the loss of a generous group of people.

October 22 2022

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