Opinion: Mzee, are you okay with such a indisciplined General?

We shall not tolerate indiscipline in the army. If you cannot perform well, we shall axe you and create room for disciplined and competent officers” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (New Vision – ‘Be disciplined, army told’ 02.12.2006).

There is so much wiggle-room and allowed actions by General Muhoozi Kainerubaga. A man can be horny and be a man-whore, all he wants. He can be insensitive to the other gender and want sexual satisfaction. However, that doesn’t fit a man of the stature of General and a Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations. That’s who he is and his demeaning people and the other gender online.

The twitter account of Muhoozi is a quagmire for himself and anyone surrounding him. His wife should be horrified, unless she’s okay that a man is thirsty for other women in the open. She’s maybe well versed in his introgressions and nothing is new to her. Still, the humiliation must be deafening and hurting.

Yesterday’s long rant of bravado is really not unique, but as a public figure and a man who wants to assert into the future leadership roles. A man who clearly has a streak of chewing people and deny it later. Because, we know he randomly professes his love to his wife. Though, the way he spreads pictures and talks of the ladies, shows that he has an another side too.

As a soldier and former Commander of Land Forces he should know what the UPDF says about itself: “UPDF is a nonpartisan force, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive and subordinate to the civilian authority as established under the constitution” (UPDF). Certainly these words cannot be written about Muhoozi. He cannot even restrain himself online…

How is he in person? When his this character online?

Someone needs to deactivate his twitter account and restrain him from social media. His so indisciplined. His a laughingstock and only demeaning his wife and himself in it. Practically, he can be soon in the realms of Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act of 2022. Which is not to drop unsolicited information and pictures… ironically, I doubt these ladies who he posted wanted this sort of public display.

It is really foolish and Muhoozi should listen to Ashanti in his mansion. Because, he needs some guidance and the father has clearly not been a good teacher. Since his not isn’t following protocol or sincere advice. His just speaking vile and being a brat online.

Muhoozi is calling the UPDF “My Army” and is it this indisciplined now? Is that okay for the Commander-in-Chief and President for Life? Is this what the UPDF has become?

Because, Muhoozi isn’t resembling an honest actor, a leader or a trustworthy character overall. His a faux revolutionary and populist. When he has nothing else that empty boosts of his ego and yesterday he clearly wanted to get laid. That’s his prerogative, but not a good look for the whole world watch.

The General should know better, but we can see that a General from the UPDF is openly indisciplined. That’s not what the State House or the big boosting “Project Muhoozi” people wants. Unless, they are fine with a man-whore and a loose-cannon. Because that who he is and they will defend it. Peace.

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