Opinion: Medvedev is getting his wish [and his threats will not get him anywhere]

The fastest way to escalate the conflict in Ukraine to the point of irreversible world war is to supply the loonies in Kiev with long-range MLRS” – Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev (11.10.2022).

Since the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. There been plenty of times the Russians has come with threats, possibly escalations and promised to worsen the conflict. They are the ones that issued the war. Russians are the ones that invaded a sovereign, annexed territories and are the brutal invader in Ukraine. It isn’t like other nations has sent soldiers or become allies of Ukraine. That is what Russia has done with Belarus and wished the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) would do. However, this war in Ukraine has unmasked the lack of protocol, the will or the structure of CSTO.

That’s why Kremlin, State Duma and the likes of Medvedev has to come with such words. As NATO Secretary General had a press conference today. He had to address it and insult not only the leaders of Kyiv. We know the Russian leadership wanted to overthrow and get Kremlin friendly leaders there. That’s why they wanted to invade in the first place. It wasn’t just to “liberate” Donbass regions after annexing Crimea in 2014. No, we know President Putin didn’t respect or believe Ukraine even had proper statehood. So, it was within his right to destroy, deplete and overthrow whatever leadership there was in Kyiv. Therefore, it isn’t shocking that Putin’s ally calling Zelensky and his associates “loonies” because they cannot phantom or stomach someone who has spine or can stand up to Kremlin.

It is just really interesting that the same time Medvedev is saying this about MLRS, the NATO Secretary General is speaking of the supply of NASAMS, which is a MLRS system. It means the NATO isn’t afraid of the “escalation” because they have weighed the outcome and the progression of the war. However, Russia has massacred, hit civilian targets and done serious war-crimes. That’s why Russians should speak of escalations. They have already breached the Geneva Convention on a regular basis since February 2022.

Just over the last days we have had two new announcements from NATO Allies – from Germany and United States – to provide more advanced air defence systems. The Germans announced it yesterday, and we welcome of course that. And United States has announced further delivery and we know also that they have announced that they’re also ready to provide and deliver NASAMS, which are actually one of the many advanced systems that Ukraine has received over the last months. And again, we need more and we need also more ammunition to these systems and I welcome that Allies are doing that. These air defence systems are making a difference because many of the incoming missiles were actually shot down by the Ukrainian air defence systems provided by NATO Allies. But of course, as long as not all of them are shot down, of course there is a need for more. And therefore we are going to address at the meeting this week, tomorrow, with Defence Minister Reznikov how, what type, and how can we ensure not only the delivery of the systems as soon as possible, but also training, spare parts and ammunition to their air defence capabilities” – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (11.10.2022).

It is just really striking that Medvedev is saying this and NATO is confirming that they are coming with these weapons. The MLRS or the NASAMS is coming to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are getting these long range missiles systems to defend itself. After seeing how the Russians are bombing across the Ukraine. That can help the defence and stop further missiles or drones from damaging vital infrastructure, electric lines or whatnot. Which has been the targets of Russian Army of late. Therefore, Medvedev would just prefer a total blackout and destruction of Ukrainian society. That we know was the will of his President. He is just a noble servant that way.

Europe and NATO is certainly not afraid or reluctant to help Ukraine any longer. They are actually prepared to offer proper weaponry and the ones that is fitting for the needs. The European and NATO allies are supporting Kyiv with heavy weaponry. That is long time coming and needed too. This is why Medvedev is crying wolf and havoc. We could see it coming a mile away. The battles on the ground isn’t going in Kremlin’s or Duma’s way. Neither can Putin be happy either. He must here the results and the losses. It must hurt the pride of Russia.

However, Russia invaded a sovereign and they deserve to lose their pride. They have violated, destroyed and massacred civilians to prove a point. That’s why European nations and NATO has continue to support Ukraine. The war isn’t over and Russia is still invading Ukraine. Russians are still imposing itself in Ukraine. As long as that is happening the Republic of Ukraine needs aide and military assistance. It has to continue as long as it takes. Secondly, it is all up to Russia to cease operations and warfare in Ukraine. They can just retreat tomorrow, but we know they will not do so. Peace.

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