Ukraine: Expect a new front from Belarus… [and the Russian army trying to take Kyiv yet again!]

Today there was announced that Belarus Armed Forces are joining hands with the Russian Armed Forces. These two nations are creating a Joint Regional Group of Forces. In February 2022 the Russian army entered through the Belorussian territories into Ukraine. The same should be seen again in a few days.

There are already reports of trains coming in from the Russian Federation entering Belarus. The Russian army would most likely be stationed in the Gomel Oblast. As they will be using border points entering into Kyiv Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast. This means we should expect a worry of missiles and heavy weaponry hitting around Tchernobyl. That has happened before in the war and it could easily happen again.

There should be expectation of huge front in-and-around Chernihiv. Just so the Russian-Belorussian armies can have two fronts on this side can easier access Kyiv again. This was something they tried to do in February in the supposed 3 day war. That’s the plan after the invasion plans in Kharkiv and Donbass regions isn’t going after plan. Neither is Crimea feeling safe any longer. That’s why the sabotage missions are hurting this annexed region too. Therefore, the Russian invasion is already becoming a massive failure and with huge losses. They have underestimated the Ukrainian will and strategical thinking to be able to regain territories across the Republic.

This is why the Russian Armed Forces together with the Belorussian allies are now returning. It has been speculated and intelligence on it. Because, the Ukrainian armed forces has already blown most of the bridges encircling the borders to Belarus. That’s for one reason – they have intelligence that Belarus would re-appear and be a consistent ally of the Russians.

That’s how I can see this coming. Today’s missiles and explosions across the Republic is just a warning from Kremlin. That’s the inevitable viciousness of the Russian invading forces. They have no idea or ideals of humanity. If they did, they wouldn’t only target random civilian targets and trying to break the will of the Ukrainian people. It seems like the Kremlin and Duma haven’t learned a single thing. They cannot break the Ukrainian people and will to defend their homeland. No matter what terror or tricks up your sleeve… the Ukrainian forces will find ways to defend itself.

Let us remember what was found in Bucha in the Kyiv oblast. There is no love lost between the Ukrainians and the invaders. They are not coming with the brotherhood, but violent sinister means of total power.

Expect Putin to have ordered that he wants to take Kyiv. Since the Kharkiv and Donbass is losing steam. Maybe this time he can actually enter Kyiv. So, that he can ensure the fall of the Ukrainian government. However, even if the Russian would enter Kyiv. We would anticipate the Ukrainian government to be run in Lviv or elsewhere where it would make sense. The Ukrainian forces and government isn’t the ones that is backing down.

The bombing and sabotage of bridges towards Belarus. Only shows how it is prepared for this. They are not naive and clueless. Instead, they are a few steps ahead. No one should be shocked if the Russians are trying to enter and create a new front. That’s what I am anticipating. Especially, after the Russian forces are coming on trains into Belarus. Peace.

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