Ethiopia: Did the Fact Check forget about Article 52 when addressing the State of Tigray?

Friends of Ethiopia or those that claim to respect the “Sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitution” of Ethiopia should refrain from using illegal terms in the upcoming peace talks to resolve conflict in Ethiopia’s restive north. Expressions such as “Government of” or “State of Tigray”, “Tigray External Service” are not just mere mistakes, but do threaten the sovereignty of Ethiopia and need to be fact-checked. In light of these peace talks, our friends and allies should remember that the two parties are fundamentally different: one a democratically elected, legitimate government and the other, the TPLF armed group. Likewise, expressions such as “Tigray Administration” or “Regional Government of Tigray” are unacceptable because there is no entity in the Tigray region that has been elected in accordance with the Ethiopian constitution. Any attempt to state that the peace talks is between the Federal government and the “Region of Tigray” is not only unacceptable but also violates national sovereignty as well as rules-based international order” (Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check, 07.10.2022).

The months and months upon end with humanitarian blockade, the warfare and continues conflict is only hurting Northern Ethiopia. The “Law Enforcement Operation” was supposed to be a brief and quick conflict to annihilate the leadership and leaders who defied the Prosperity Party in Mekelle. However, we know that the PP and the PDFJ haven’t been able to get rid of the TPLF for good.

That’s why the Federal Government’s own Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check, which seems to be a part of the FDRE Government Communication Services have now disregarded and downplayed the Regional State Government of Tigray. It just wants it to be silenced and not supposed to utter itself. Neither is it supposed to operate or work within it’s means.

Nevertheless, the Article 52 of the Constitution gives some stipulations, which is relevant in the matter. Especially, when the FDRE Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check is publishing such text.

Just read it here:

Article 52. Powers and Functions of States

1. All powers not given expressly to the Federal Government alone, or concurrently to the Federal Government and the States are reserved to the States.

2. Consistent with sub-Article 1 of this article, states shall have the following powers and functions:

(a) To establish a State administration that best advances self-government, a democratic order based on the rule of law; to protect and defend the Federal Constitution;

(b) To enact and execute the State constitution and other laws;

(c) To formulate and execute economic, social and development policies, strategies and plans of State;

(d) to administer land and other natural resources in accordance with Federal Laws;

(e) To levy and collect taxes and duties on revenue sources reserved to the States and to draw up and administer the State budget;

(f) To enact and enforce laws on the State civil service and their condition of work; in the implementation of this responsibility it shall ensure that educational training and experience requirements for any job, title or position approximate national standards;

(g) To establish and administer a state police force, and to maintain public order and peace within the State;” (Ethiopian Constitution).

We know that the House of Federation didn’t accept the recent local elections in the Tigray region. The September 2020 elections we know was contested, but the only elections that was held within the stipulated time in the Constitution and not like the Elections that later “elected” the majority of the Prosperity Party. This is why the House of Federation even had an unconstitutional year before the polls itself. So, when the FDRE own government communication comes with these sorts of texts. They should look into own grievances before touching the Regional State of Tigray. That’s because of how it has operated and blocked it, even with the non-funding and blocking aide before the November 2020. Therefore, the regime in Addis Ababa had for a long time sort of ceased to work with Mekelle. That has been reported too and the Regional State had to work on their own accordingly.

That’s why when the Fact Check dismisses “Regional Government of Tigray” and “Tigray Administration” wouldn’t that mean any other state cannot use those words either? Wouldn’t that mean by definition that any other state that is created in the federation isn’t eligible for this? It cannot only be Tigray, but this has to be for the Somali, Oromia, Amhara or Afar for that matter.

Because everyone who follows knows that for instance the Amhara itself on official publications uses the “Amhara National Regional State” and I have hard to spot the different to “Regional Government of Tigray”. The Tigray Government did only last year use the “Government of National State of Tigray” which is similar to the Amhara. Therefore, these semantics only shows what the dismissal is all about. It is the hatred for the TPLF and it’s so obvious. This is really child’s play to see…

In article 52 it says: “2. Consistent with sub-Article 1 of this article, states shall have the following powers and functions:

(a) To establish a State administration that best advances self-government, a democratic order based on the rule of law; to protect and defend the Federal Constitution” (Ethiopian Constitution).

This here is key, it says State administration, administration is another word for government. Also not only that, but an administration that “best advances self-government” and this gives the State Government of Tigray to rebrand itself to it see fit within the parameters of the Constitution. The Regional State Government can call itself the “Tigray Government” or “Tigray State Administration” as long as it serves within the articles of the Constitution. That is legit and legal entity, as each Regional State should have a “State administration that best advances self-government”. Unless, the Prosperity Party has revised this or amended this part of the Constitution. I have a hard time to understand the issues of the “Fact Check” had with the “Regional Government of Tigray”. It is just following the law and delivering the “best advances of self-government”. Is this to much to grasp for the rulers in Addis Ababa? Or have the scholars of Addis Ababa totally forgotten this vital part of the Constitution?

It think you get my point by now. The hatred and the patronizing affairs is just tiring. Especially, when I have to spell out basics like this. Peace.

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