Opinion: Truss isn’t appealing to the masses…

I’m ready to take the hard choices, you can trust me to do what it takes. The status quo is not an option” – Prime Minister Liz Truss (05.10.2022).

Today’s speech was a massive rant. The new Prime Minister Liz Truss clearly have a lot of weight on her shoulders and cannot contain her frustration. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a confidence boost or a speech for the ages. Instead, this will go down as an abysmal attack on the opposition and the ones who don’t see the world as she does.

Prime Minister Truss is in a peculiar position. She is inheriting 12 years of Tory government reign. The PM should be solid and granted to steam ahead with her majority. However, the recent “mini-budget” and “growth plan” has differed and practically destroyed that. It isn’t anything in sight of hope or better conditions. Instead, people should be worried what else she can do or reckless behaviour her cabinet can do in the future. Because, it is obvious that nothing is set or isn’t an option for further destruction.

Her speech wasn’t made with intension of unification or solidarity. No, it was boosting her own ego and position. That’s what it was all about. This was to galvanize the few that believes in her and her cause. She is changing everything, but has no hold in the 2019 manifesto or within the realms of her own party. That’s the gist of it all…

Prime Minister Truss is out of bound and withering away. She isn’t building up confidence or trust. The living wage crisis, energy crisis, the failing of the NHS and the prolonged agony of austerity measures aren’t making things better. In coordination with the damage of the “mini-budget” which is still felt by the way. It isn’t like it all went away and the financial markets are up and running. No, this has already hurt and will continue to be painful for many.

Her end is just fatiguing really: “We must stay the course. We are the only party with a clear plan to get Britain moving. We are the only party with the determination to deliver. Together we can unleash the full potential of our great country. That is how we will build a new Britain for a new era” (Truss, 05.10.2022).

It is just pointless sloganeering and not doing anything. Just like her promise to cut all “EU Red Tape” which is really amazing if it was true. Since her party is bound the Withdrawal Agreement and the stipulations in it. The Tories has signed off an agreement and has to honour that one. Therefore, there is certain aspects the Tories has to uphold and businesses, if they want to trade with the EU they just have to comply with. It can be different rules in the UK, but if they want to enter the Single Market of the EU. The UK businesses has to comply and follow the rules to get in. Therefore, I have hard time believing this. Just like UK citizens has to apply for VISA and be non-EU member at customs now. There is more hurdles and this wishy-washy words will not do anyone any good…

PM Truss continues where Boris left off. She is doing no good. She is really showing her incompetence. Her team isn’t helping her either. She speaks of taking Britain forward, forward to where exactly?

She has already taken one hard choice and that broke the camels back. That made the Bank of England reignite the markets and using funds to buy gilts. The pensions has been in jeopardy and the mortgage industry as well. While the people still has costly energy to pay for. It isn’t like Truss is coming with any sort of commendable solutions.

Alas, she will just be there and promise a better tomorrow. While not having anything to offer. Peace.

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