Burkina Faso: Lt. Col. Damiba is now in exile in Togo

The information was confirmed by the Minister of Communication and Media to AFP. Prof Akodah Ayewouadan said that Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba is indeed taking refuge in Togo. For the government spokesman, the deposed president is in Togo in the spirit of the country’s commitment to peace in the sub-region” (Togoweb – ‘Burkina: the Togolese government explains itself after having collected Damiba in Lomé’ 04.10.2022).

It is only 8 months ago, when Lt. Col. Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba himself took power in a military coup on the 24th January 2022. He was just recently ousted in another military coup d’etat on the 30th September 2022.

You know that your reign ended badly after only a short time when you have to end in exile. He knows that he will not welcome by the new Head of State. Lt. Col. Damiba “won” it all in January 2022 when he succeeded, but it was all in vain. The supposed transitional and junta government has lost already.

That’s why there was changes over the weekend. Lt. Col. Damiba isn’t alone in exile, Captain Sidsoré Ouédraogo and Captain Hassane Salem Diallo who are loyal to Damiba also went with him to Togo. They all took a military helicopter to Lome. It was Radio Omega who had the story of the loyalist following Damiba to Togo.

That means there are small group of the former coup who are now in Togo. They are there in exile and had to flee, because they fear their own future after being ousted. Yes, Damiba gave a few stipulations to his resignation over the weekend. However, he won’t have much say or sway of influence when he goes into exile. The only thing this creates are questions about what he will do or if he will want to return. That is only natural and at one point Damiba and his captains wants to get back to Ouagadougou.

What we do know is that Lt. Col. Damiba was never elected or a person who rose to power with a popular uprising. No, Lt. Col. Damiba was the second coup attempt in the same month and he succeeded. That’s why he was able to overthrow the predecessor and be the Head of State. It wasn’t by the popular support or anything. This is why there wasn’t demonstrations or public disorder by overthrowing him. Neither did he do any unique or special policies, which will make him stand out over time.

No, he was just an army command who took power and was ousted in the same way he came in. Peace.

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