Malacañang Palace intrigue: Marcos Jr. cannot keep a stable crew

Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles resigns. She tendered her resignation on Tuesday morning and will be effective by the end of business hours today. Angeles cited health reasons for leaving her position, based on a statement given to the media. Talks of Angeles leaving the Cabinet went around last week, before she was bypassed by the Commission on Appointments. She was not part of the ten officials issued a fresh nomination on Tuesday. A friend of Angeles told One News that the former press secretary may have been caught in the recent infighting in the Palace that saw former executive secretary Vic Rodriguez replaced by retired Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin. Asked whether Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has accepted her resignation, Angeles told reporters, “I would just assume so” (ONE News PH, 04.10.2022).

It is really interesting to know that Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Junior has been in Office since June 30th. It isn’t a long time to both changing the Executive Secretary and the Press Secretary. The Executive Secretary being his spokesperson during the campaign. So, we know that Vic Rodriguez was a loyal and hard-working ally.

In addition you have the Jose Calida, has also resigned from the Commission of Audit (COA). He is the former Solicitor General of the Marcos Family.

These are three major resignations in the Malacañang Palace and it hasn’t been a 100 days in office for the President. We know there was also resignations and pushback after the Sugar Order Volume 3 earlier in September too. So, this Presidency is hectic and Marcos Jr. struggles to contain loyal and good staff.

That the former DDS blogger is quitting. Following Rodriguez and Calida is telling. There is something bad going on. The ones following should be worried. It doesn’t help when even sources to ONE News says there are infighting in the Palace. That says the President and his team isn’t working cordially.

Marcos Jr. is surely not showing his skill of governing. When his trusted allies are resigning and quitting early in his reign. The likes of Rodriguez and Calida should have been close to him. While the DDS Blogger would show the modernity of the administration.

This is showing the public how unstable the Marcos Jr. government is. When it cannot keep the closest associates and regain trust among the public. Marcos Jr. have to show his magic and not just enjoy the perks of lavish life at the Formula One race in Singapore. Peace.

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