Opinion: Muhoozi should be busy trying to mount a ‘socialite’

Today Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga has been lightening up on Twitter. War-threats, invasion of Kenya and where he wants to reside after a two week operation to invade Nairobi. Planning where to settle. Also beefing with President Ruto, as he said Uhuru Kenyatta should have stood for a third term… and that just shows what sort of man he is.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi wouldn’t be a worry, if a was a regular man visiting bars and clubs as a citizen. Nevertheless, his the third in command in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and Senior Presidential Advisor. In addition to those roles, his by birthright the First Son and the Son of the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. So, with that in mind…

Muhoozi is playing with fire here. The Kenya Tweets is just showing his ignorance and his blatant disregard for his own position as an army commander. Muhoozi should know better, but his to busy ego tripping and being high on his own supply. His clearly not feeling the tension in the air or the way he bruises the neighbours. It is like the reality doesn’t face him.

When you are a high ranking official, you should be careful on social media. Muhoozi should taunt the neighbours. Speak weirdly of Uncle Kagame or be vigilant about Mother Russia. Neither should he speak of a 2 week operation to invade Nairobi from Uganda. It is not like he should try get the bride price for the new Prime Minister of Italy either. However, that’s how Muhoozi operates online and he should be more offline actually. Unless, he can get handlers or civil servants to takeover from him.

The First Son, the Commander of the Land Forces and Senior Presidential Advisor. The man of the birthday bashes and of public wastage of funds. That man should be busy on the social scene. He should try to get babes and side-dishes. He should enjoy the spoils of the wealth. Muhoozi calls himself a revolutionary, but his just a cadre of a junta government. His a man who enjoys wealth and power. It isn’t like he has fought for anything or gone through the hard-knock life. No, Muhoozi gotten spoiled and is a brat with military fatigue. That’s why he can openly torture, kidnap and silence the ones who speaks ill of him. This because, he has never faced any real challenge or consequence for his actions.

I know, if I was based in Kampala and wrote this. I could be in danger of a “drone” and a “Panda Gari”, and I wouldn’t blame anyone else than myself. I wrote it and the authorities would use Computer Misuse Act, the Penal Code and whatever they could against me. That’s just the game of the state and how it operates. Muhoozi would send the Special Forces Command (SFC), CMI, ISO or anyone else.

That’s why he should be busy fathering bastards and not be involved in politics. Neither does he have the mental capacity or the wits for it. His just a ruthless and reckless man without any sort of common sense. He think his brilliant and has supporters, but the Team MK is a gig and they will wither the moment the wells are dry. The moment the cash-flow is running low and the access to funds are over. The Team MK will become history overnight… and he cannot phantom that. He thinks these moments are forever, but they are sadly on era, which is going away eventually.

In this regard, he has no charisma or personality worthy of anything. It is like he needs an orator to give him lessons. We saw how he was speaking on stage on the birthday bashes. We know his not built for that. That’s why he rather be in the background and incite violence there. Because, his not able or capable to narrate in front of a crowd.

That’s why my advice to Muhoozi is to use his mind, assets and the leverage he currently has. To show his manhood and eat. He has the opportunity now as his father is still in power. Muhoozi has the options of socialites and the prestige of his name. They will not linger around him when his a relic of the past. No, they will be around him now. He got the bank and the power. His maybe professing love for his wife now and then. But there are already rumours of woman he has been with.

So, Muhoozi should act out now. Not come with threats of war or conflict. He should be more silent and in the wind. Though he thinks greatly of himself. Maybe if he was busy trying to flirt and make-out. He maybe wouldn’t have time to cause a stir online. That way he would loose his steam and energy. We would live more peaceful and he would be more fulfilled…

We never know, but maybe someone whose a real socialite who could have done some magic on Muhoozi. Peace.

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