Ethiopia: Update on the Tripartite Alliance Offensive in Tigray

Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede, the Commander-in Chief of the Tigray Defense Forces confirmed Eritrean forces are in Sheraro, northwestern Tigray, where the rebels said they were resisting a major offensive that Ethiopia and Eritrean troops launched last month on the region. In a statement Thursday, Tigray forces accused the air force of neighboring Eritrea of striking Adi Daero and killing “a number of civilians.” Eritrean forces are fighting alongside Ethiopia’s military in Tigray” (Garowe Online, 01.10.2022).

The last few weeks has been brutal to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF). The Tripartite Alliance, which consist of ENDF, EDF and Amhara nationalists haven’t advanced or gotten any progress in the Tigray region. Even with the superiority in the air and with the usage of drones. The armies aren’t able to pushback or hurt the defensive lines of the Tigray Defence Force (TDF).

The leadership in Addis Ababa and Asmara are both blaming Mekelle for everything. They are busy vilifying the TDF and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). That’s being done in government media and in official press releases. No one should be shocked by that, the Prosperity Party and PFDJ (Higdef) have before the November 2020 start of the conflict gone after Tigray. Therefore, no one should be shocked or in awe by this, but that’s status quo propaganda for it’s objectives; which is to undermine and consolidate all power in the Republic. Also settle old grudges and use the TPLF history to bite it ass, by acting and creating Biafra situation in the Tigray region, which PP High Ranking Officials even has said on TV for everyone to hear. The Tripartite Alliance isn’t worried about the mass-deaths, massacres, the famine or the lack of humanitarian aid. The same government that is going after the WFP or anyone else helping the people suffering, by supporting and directing a blockade against it.

In this regard… The Herald is even pushing this sort of narrative through The Ethiopian Current Fact Check, which could only be a sideshow of the FDRE Government Communication Service, because they sound like twins and are coordinating the information. Nevertheless, we are just supposed to trust them… when the FDRE, Prime Minister and everyone else has lied about most of the things associated with the conflict. They even lied about the reason for invading Tigray in the first place and lied about refugees, wheat aid and the list goes on.

So here is the latest from the FDRE:

This group is additionally using properties under the United Nations and other humanitarian aid institutions for transportation and storage of weapons caches. Recently, the Ethiopian Air Force has taken action targeting the locations of military equipment and arsenals of the TPLF in Adi Daero, Tigray region. And as expected, fallacious claims have been made by TPLF supporters that civilians have been targeted in this operation. Nonetheless, Ethiopian National Defense Forces ensure that military assets are isolated from civilians before taking action” (Ethiopian Press Agency/The Ethiopian Herald – Update on Current Issues!!, 30.09.2022).

It is really striking that the FDRE is claiming this and that the TPLF or TDF is using humanitarian aid or logistical support for their war-effort. As it is not videos of the ENDF doing military training with a UN vehicle and transports to the front was done with UN vehicles too. That’s why this is what we call projecting and blaming the other party for what you are doing yourself.

We know how the FDRE claimed the Mai Kadra didn’t really happen or the involvement of EDF wasn’t part of the warfare to begin with. So, when the FDRE is saying they only attacked military targets. We can take that with a grain of salt. Just like it has bombed markets and other public grounds in cities, towns and such since the beginning of the war. No one should think that the Tripartite Alliance is valuing life or such. If they did… they would let people starve, lack medicines, electricity and even water. However, that’s something they have done for months and with pride. That’s why this sort of messaging is insincere and shouldn’t be taken as fact. They would later pin the deaths on the TDF and not take accountability. That’s what they do… and we all know that by now. Peace.

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