Opinion: Ruto’s cabinet is pure cronyism

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) or the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) cabinet is now announced. The real choices of the Presidency in the men and woman he appoints to his cabinet. That shows his vision and what he values in people. President William Ruto clearly has one key component in the cabinet. That isn’t technocrats, educational background or sort of professionals from various of fields to become a Cabinet Secretary. No, the reason why they are picked is out of their loyalty.

The most important reason for Ruto to appoint someone is Loyalty. That you have been loyal to him and his cause. He trust them to be ride or die with him. They don’t have to be the best or a true asset of the Republic. No, they just have to be people who bows to him and is fighting there with him. That’s why they are there now.

To get a unique office is Musalia Mudavadi is set to become the Prime Cabinet Secretary, which is sort of “chief of staff” and “whip” of the Cabinet. Alfred Mutua has been appointed to Foreign Secretary. Kipchumba Murkomen is the Roads and Transport secretary. Davis Chirchir is the Energy secretary. Alice Wahome is the Water secretary. Moses Kuria is the secretary of trade. Aisha Jumwa is the Public Service secretary. Roselinda Soipan as Enviroment and Forestry secretary. Monica Juma as the National Security Advisor. Simon Chelugui as the Cooperative secretary and finally Aden Duale as the Defense secretary.

These are all loyal people and politician who are known for circulating Ruto. That’s why these are here. It was easy picking these names out of the 25 or 26 cabinet secretaries. Because, these people has been residing around Ruto and been part of his gig.

The ones who thought he would pick people who are professionals or has experience in the fields, which would fit to be minister is wrong. Ruto is all about the ones who has been by his side. There is no other way to look around here. They are there because he trusts them and he know he can count on them.

This here is epic cronyism and nothing else. It isn’t about skills or abilities, no that’s isn’t traits that concerns Ruto. No, he wants the person who is following him and being indebted to him. These are the most valuable persons to him. So, that he knows they will follow and do his bidding. He don’t need free-thinkers or people who challenge him. No, the ones underneath him should be working for him and nothing else.

That’s why this cabinet is all built on loyalty. People that he trusts and who he knows are aligned with him. These are not people who will betray or try to test him. That’s why they are there and it’s evident.

With these appointments, you shouldn’t expect magic or great governance. No, these are built for NYS Scandals, UNGA scandals, more Eurobonds and all of the above. Peace.

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