Ethiopia: Agew Liberation Front (ALF) – Demera is a new victory barn for all the people of Agew, a new year of freedom (26.09.2022)

Happy celebration of the cross!

Semune Meskel, the Agaw people and Zaguye administration made new military weapons to the last wing of the society. This chain started for the first time in the history of East Africa. A secure, perfect peaceful administration of Agaw and the people of East Africa have high diplomatic and political freedom. Agawgna, Gezna Demera in public, Christian faith. Literature skill new The Agew Zaguye administration, where the power of the language of the foreground has increased, has become the center of the world, political, social and economic, is the new era of the people of Agew.

The security of the cross of Christ that is being replaced after the Zaguye administration, the seat of the prince of Agew, Wag_Lasta and the place of Wagshum who are replaced by the rank of “Shum” that is replaced after the Zaguye administration, where the seat of princes and their mesfents were held in central Agew, the residence of Agew, and the Christian areas of Agew, where the foundation of Agew was strong Agew, the foundation of the Agew, the cross of Christ has been revealed again. Demera Meskele Lalibela holiday: the family of Lehulan A platform where other parts of the society exchange with equality, love, freedom and the social questions of the society are heard from Mesfins. It is a renaissance entrance.

However, our people are undermined by the cultural, religious, political and social events that were yesterday and now they can’t freely express their own political ideas. It has reached a point where they are losing their political and citizenship freedom.

While the people of Agew named themselves as the only protector and representative of Ethiopia, they are stabbing Ethiopians in front of each other with foreign invaders. In the name of Ethiopianism, the people of Agaw who made the country unite and pay for the sacrifice of those who came and left for the purpose of not expressing their purpose. The dignity of citizenship, political freedom, social freedom, economy. Freedom, cultural freedom, freedom of language and religion. Those who are destroying the country by handing over the people to strangers and declaring hateful genocide especially the people of Agew who go up and down like the cross of Christ to destroy the footprints and reflections of Agew by Ethiopian fascists who dig many graves of oppression, culture, identity, economic and social development. ኛል።

Our people are struggling to remove this grave of death from its source and to regain its freedom and to continue its existence, mainly by the old administration, without a single political representation and low citizenship attention. By standing up for the new Agew people’s administration by supporting each other under the shadow of Agew, by supporting the poor, displaced and displaced by their homes, and being responsible for the future generation of Agew generation, to have political freedom on national and regional levels, to support the identity of Agew, support each other, help the poor, jailed, displaced, displaced, and property destroyed by oppressors, and be responsible for the future generations of Agew generation. To have political freedom on the national and regional levels of Agew identity and history. Equality and sustainable peace for the environment. Being humble is paying off.

This new Demera and Meskel holiday will be blessed with the fruits of the struggle that our people have paid for years, our freedom front expresses that we will be found in a historical moment in order to achieve the goal set by the brave Agew army and the leaders of our movement.

Our freedom, unity, our culture!

Agew is the source of our civilization, culture and pride!

For all the followers of Christianity, for all the people of Agew, happy celebration of the cross of Christ.

Agew Liberation Front (ANF)

January 16, 2015

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