Ethiopia: Agew Liberation Front (ALF) – Press Release (20.09.2022)

The anti-peaceful crown carrying terrorist, the messengers Abiy Ahmed and Esayas have taken away the natural right of the people by force, so that not only the people of Agew, but also the people of Tigray and Afar live in poverty and war. : head on A people that doesn’t forgive the history of the people that don’t forgive history and stand with the foreign invaders by making them not to have a political relationship with each other by spreading and killing each other by making them lose their race and name to live in the form of a war of separatists and separatists, by making them a national political weapon with the dictatorial system and standing with the foreign invading army The mass oppression and genocide. They have continued their mission.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean defense forces in Agew and Tigray, Amhara militia and Fano have committed genocide and human rights violations should not be investigated and international organizations and diplomats should not enter Tigray region and the Agaw region should not investigate the mass killings on our people in zones where people are ruled by the people of Agew region should not be investigated. Turn up in peace They have been trying not to be included in the negotiations and not to be held accountable. They have been lying to the people of Afar, Agew, Tigray people as if they are the security guards of peace.

At this time, the life saving humanitarian aid that was prepared to save our people in Hamra (Agew) zone has been set to burn by the forces that call themselves Ethiopian Joint Army in Northern Wollo so that they can not save lives. The Agew people are putting on it to prevent humanitarian aid and the property of our people from being used. The red fire has become a military oven, separated from many sides and directions and disappearing by its identity and agew.

Anti-peace ANDM (Shabiya) – oppressing the Ethiopian people on the Ethiopian people, not only raping the sovereignty of Ethiopia, but also using hunger as a weapon, a member of the foreign defense force who doesn’t have Ethiopian feelings and values, and calling for Eritrea to be part of the war in the Ethiopian parliament where the people of Tigray are not represented. Wiping flies off the face of the earth. The fact that various international human rights activists have confirmed that it will be found has been proved to be true.

Therefore, the democratic constitutional right of the people, human and fundamental self-government, the right to use one’s right to freely use one’s freedom and international recognition and the people’s struggle to live in a system based on negotiation and agreement of the people by force, the Ahdawi group of Asmara Bahirdar is loyal to the supremacy to push the desire of the expansion of the ages The one called to plant Addis Ababa system. War will be carried out by the humiliation of fascists.

Agew, who has been oppressed as a people and as an environment, will continue to fight with our fellow people until it ensures sustainable peace and development.

The fact that the dictator Esayas private army has attacked Tigray and Agew people again to genocide has made the Agew Liberation Front regretted. The struggle of the Tigray defense force on this aimless cheap power and leadership is with respect and the people of Tigray and Agew, all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. The bravery of the Eritrean people who lost their freedom is doing to Tigray and Agew defense force. The Agew Liberation Front is in the sense of nationalism and great historical responsibility. To whom it may concern Proud is a killer.

The heroic defence forces of Tigray and Agew and the Tigray Agew people are defending this invasion and atrocities.

Victory for the people of Agew!

Victory for Agew army!

Agew Liberation Front (ANF)


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