Russia: The Duma and Kremlin is getting closer to a “total war”… against Ukraine

Defense-industrial complex organizations need to ensure the delivery of the required weapons and equipment to the troops, weapons of destruction as soon as possible” – President Vladimir Putin (20.09.2022).

Today its a lot of news from Moscow, in that order the Kremlin and the State Duma has issued several amendments of law, which was voted before getting three readings in the national assembly. Meaning these amendments are pushed through and that’s because of the situation in concern to the invasion in Ukraine. There now knowledge of retreating Russian forces and huge advances of the Ukrainian forces. That has hurt the Russian forces and cause in Ukraine. Which is only becoming more dire by the day.

The news from Russia is very clear. They will do a full mobilization of new recruits for the war. The days of the “Special Operation” and only liberation of Ukraine or even later Donbass. Is surely getting into an another gear after losing lots of occupied territories of late. The Russian are furthering to push through “referendums” in Donbass and other areas, which the Russian forces only have percentages of the territories in the Oblasts in question.

The Russians are clearly aiming for a “total war” and where the War Economy becomes key. That’s why these laws and the President met with the war-industry. All of these things fits together and is a planned effort. Since, the Russian government cannot upkeep or have enough resources to do things otherwise. This war is costing not only on lives of Russian soldiers and equipments. No, it is costing lives of civilians in Ukraine, destruction of towns and villages, cities are burning and this is done; because the Russian Federation wanted to do it.

Now, the Russian government want more people to take apart and make it illegal to desert the army. A mutiny will become dangerous and retreating could make you a felon. That is a really saying a lot about how dire the war in Ukraine is for Russia at the moment. This is the “strategic genius” of Putin. To practically order “Total War” after over 200 days of a 3 day long war…

Read these news from the government friendly press RIA Novosti!

MOSCOW, September 20 – RIA Novosti. The State Duma at a plenary session on Tuesday approved an amendment, in particular, proposing to introduce the concepts of “mobilization”, “martial law”, “wartime”, “armed conflict” into the Criminal Code of Russia. According to the text of the amendments, in a number of paragraphs of the Criminal Code the words “in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities” are replaced by the words “during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or hostilities.” (RIA Novosti – ‘The State Duma approved an amendment to introduce the concept of “mobilization” into the Criminal Code’ 20.09.2022).

MOSCOW, September 20 – RIA Novosti. Amendments were introduced to the State Duma on punishment for non-appearance for military service on conscription or desertion in the form of imprisonment for up to ten years, the authors were, in particular, deputies Valery Piskarev, Leonid Slutsky, as well as Senator Andrey Klishas. “Unauthorized abandonment of a unit or place of service, as well as failure to appear on time without good reason for service for a period of more than one month, committed by a serviceman undergoing military service by conscription or under a contract, during the period of mobilization or martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or the conduct of hostilities are punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to ten years,” the text of the amendments says. Citizens who are in the reserve, during their military training, are criminally liable for the commission of crimes under this article, which is established for military personnel undergoing military service under a contract, the amendments emphasize” (RIA Novosti – ‘Amendments were made to the State Duma on imprisonment for failure to appear for military service’ 20.09.2022).

These laws and new releases in combination with the meetings with military industries are all connected. That’s because the war in Ukraine is going down the drain. The Hail-Mary in the mix is the “referendums” in the occupied territories. To make it a “people’s choice” to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. We all know this is all a play and only for the master in Kremlin. It isn’t done because Ukraine wants any of or anyone else for that matter. Yes, there are token traitors of the Ukrainian Republic in the territories, but they will feel the pinch when the pendulum swings the other way.

The war has really gone for the worst of late for Russia. There is already news of massacres and mass-graves, which has been found in liberated territories. This wasn’t only a thing in Bucha, but is what the Russian does in the occupied territories. They are not there to liberate, but to violate. This is their mission and certainly they are not trying to make Ukraine liveable. No, they are tarnishing and destroying it. That’s what they are up too. There isn’t anything positive in imperialism and Russian imperialism is as bad as any other. Their arrogance and ignorance of the others are obvious.

The Russians calls Ukrainians brothers, but they have no trouble to rape, torture or kill at will Ukrainians. That’s why the brotherhood isn’t worth the sentiment or the idea even. The Russians aren’t coming in peace, but coming in war.

We should await the memo that the “Special Operation” is over and it’s officially “war”. Like that makes a difference? Other than in the minds of the cronies in Moscow. We all others has seen war and total brutality served on a daily basis in Ukraine. So, to think they are doing anything else is pointless. Peace.

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