Opinion: Putin’s misadventure will haunt him

The Ukrainian Invasion since February 2022 has shown who the Russian President really is. This conflict is embodying who Vladimir Putin is and what he wants. Putin wanted this and ordered it to happen. He did it because he could and he knew the Russian Federation would follow his command.

That’s what the 3 day war that has become a 210 days has shown who he is. Maybe not in the flattering light he thought he was. Neither is it anything worthy of a Head of State. No, his just another bloodthirsty tyrant and a warlord. That’s who he is and spearheading Russian Imperialism as well.

Putin hasn’t shown a good character or been directing this war wisely. Instead he has oozed arrogance and entitlement. The Ukrainian President, the Ukrainian Republic and their sovereignty was unworthy for him. Ukraine was just supposed to bow down and bend over to his glory. The Russian Forces was just supposed to Kyiv and overthrow the Volodymyr Zelensky government. However, we knew that never happened and instead the momentum is all in the hands of Kyiv now.

That’s why Moscow, Kremlin and the State Duma is doing whatever it can boost the war-effort. The Special Operation was supposed to be a short mission to annex the whole Ukraine. Later it had to retreat from attacking around Kyiv and moved more to Donbass and the South. Now, the South is soon over too and they are losing territories inside Donbass too. The Donbass which was so important. Now that’s the most important and the reason for it all.

While we all know Putin wanted the whole of Ukraine. Putin wanted to takeover Kyiv and install a puppet there. He wanted to show supremacy and wanted to outright silence free-thinking nations in the Moscow sphere. That’s why he went to war and ordered the war against Ukraine. He thought it would be easier after sponsoring insurgency in Donbass and already annexed Crimea. Now, thinks are going wrong and he wants to save face.

Putin isn’t a tactical genius. Neither is the Russian forces that mighty either. They only have had better machinery and air-support than Ukraine ever did. That superiority has been lost over time. The losses of mechanical divisions and technical teams must have hurt the Russians too. Not to mention sending in lesser trained or well prepared soldiers to the fronts. This is only causing more bloodshed and destroying whatever moral that is left. Since, the months of war and no progress. Only more desperate means and that’s why it’s a felony to leave your post or even to desert from the army. Meaning the ones who flee the bloody war can be punished by law.

This war has only shown the sinister side and exposed it more. The ones haven’t followed the Russians forces in Syria, Chechnya or Georgia has seen the brutality before. It isn’t anything new… the total destruction and annihilation, which is a trait of their offensives. Therefore, all of this will be proven now and shown in a manner of which Putin haven’t seen before either. His name will be synonymous with this war. The bloodshed and the murderous acts of his armies will be pinned on him. That was done because of him and his whims.

Putin has achieved none of the strategical, operational or tactical objectives in the war against Ukraine. Instead he has lost even more. The Russian Federation is further being financially punished and being sanctioned. In such a way that the Russians will be hurt for a long time. While NATO has been strengthened, the EU is more unified and Ukraine is closer to Europe than before the invasion. The same with other former Soviet Republics like Georgia and Moldova too. This has all backfired and it’s all because of Putin.

These 210 days cannot be how Putin envisioned it. Surely he thought after a weeks time he would be sitting in Kyiv and looking fabulous. He and his generals grinning from teeth to teeth. Thinking and considering where to go next. As he envisioned this as the start of a new USSR. Take back the glory days and become a modern Tsar of sorts. However, we are seeing the resilience of the Ukrainians and their armed forces. That is something that Putin underestimated and didn’t consider their will to defend their motherland.

Putin has shown his true character. He has exposed what his willing to do. There is no other way to describe it. The “Z” is now a sign of the invasion and how they are promoting this war. That “Z” will be logo and the story, which reflects who Putin is. Because, he thought the “Z” would bring glory, be a tale of wonders and re-unite the former USSR republics. Instead, it has shown that they are even further apart and his influence is sinking.

Well, the armies and the strength of the Russian war-machine isn’t as grandeur as it was on paper. Instead, it was hectic, chaotic and a mess, which couldn’t pull this one off. Putin will not be remembered in the kindest of light. No, there to much blood and suffering on his reign. Not only the ones dying in this war, but the means for consolidation of power and be supreme has caused plenty of others their lives too. If not they are lingering in jail or trying live safely in exile. That isn’t the act of a beloved statesman. No, that’s the act of a tyrant and he knows that well. Peace.

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