Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement (17.09.2022)

Our party remained true to its democratic traditions even in the darkest hours of the tyranny years. His choice was clear that the gateway to partisan health was to open the doors and windows of renewal and openness so that he would not be affected by the diseases of calcification and closure.

During the past decades of life Sudanese Conference, the presented a unique experience in Sudanese political life when he made his way without relying on a cross-border sect or ideological creed or external support, but rather he continued to dig deep into the soil of this country to plant roots that tyranny projects did not succeed in uprooting.

We are now looking forward to the sixth conference of our party after it rose from the bases.. In the past months, the party held grassroots conferences in 121 localities, 17 states, and 13 professional factional conferences, in addition to its branches abroad that exceeded twenty and held a conference in which it elected its collective leadership, these days, the rest of the conferences are completed, leading to the General Conference in January, which will elect the party’s leadership and review its programs and structures.

In our party, we are waging the battle of institutional building and development on one front, fighting against totalitarianism, and opening the path to democratic transformation on another front, both of which feed each other, so the conference slogan is “Institutional Driving Change”.

The issue of building and developing institutions as a prerequisite for the consolidation of democracy has never been lost from our eyes, and we are happy to see the expansion of this culture in the civil milieu of unions and grass-roots civil bodies and others. The guarantee of civil democratic transformation is building solid democratic civil institutions Its roles are integrated and extended to expand this medium and increase its scope.

I am proud that I am part of this system that was built with the minds and effort of thousands of daughters and sons of this country, to put an imprint in the path of its construction and development that cannot be lost by the eye.

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