Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (14.09.2022)

The masses of our rebellious people:

The coup forces continue their violations against the Sudanese people of brutality and killing, leaving behind hundreds of martyrs and wounded in the face of the peaceful civil movement of our resistant people, demanding freedom, peace, justice and the establishment of a civil state.

Our Supporters:

The Forces for Freedom and Change have been working in the file of implementing justice through its various specialized committees, and in this context, we learned that the coup authorities, after many demands from the revolutionary forces and some organizations, allowed, in a very late step, the autopsy of the bodies found in mortuaries and hospitals.

Through a committee formed by the coup authority from several sides, including the criminal evidence, the judicial authorities, the Public Prosecution, the Director General of the Police and some relevant international organizations as claimed by the current de-facto authority, and in the complete absence of a presentation of the reasons for the establishment of this committee and its tasks, and the doubts surrounding it, the loss of confidence in the coup authority, and the lack of transparency and clarity in its actions, we demand the following:

First: Condemning the government’s inhumane treatment of these corpses and the failure to take the necessary measures to ensure that the families of the missing are able to identify them over the past period.

Second: We call on the authorities that undertake this work to work transparently in taking criminal and legal procedures and preserving evidence, and we warn against tampering with evidence, which may lead to concealing the circumstances and reasons in which these lives were lost, ensuring access to the perpetrators and enforcement of justice in accordance with the recognized legal procedures regarding the data of those bodies, starting with naming the notifying policeman, the date and place of finding the body, the autopsy report to determine the time and circumstances of death, keeping the genetic fingerprints of any of the bodies, and the necessity of burial in a known grave to facilitate the process of identifying the owner of the body in the future and matching the genetic fingerprints with any of the persons who match it.

Third: The Forces of Freedom and Change request and support the demands of the families of the martyrs and the missing from specialized international organizations, regional institutions and United Nations bodies interest in advocating this humanitarian issue that concerns all the Sudanese people so that the law is applied and justice is achieved.

Fourth: Demanding justice for the martyrs, prosecuting the killers, revealing secret hideouts and detention facilities, all methods of enforced disappearance, and revealing the fate of the missing.

Fifth: The judicial and judicial authorities’ dealings with the accused and the perpetrators is tainted by suspicion. The judicial authorities release the convicts and fail to conduct trials for those accused of sniping and killing the martyrs.

We affirm that we will continue to follow this file with vigilance and diligence, and to inform our people and the local and external public opinion of any developments and developments related to it.

Committee of Martyrs, Wounded and Missing – Forces of Freedom and Change

September 14, 2022

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