Opinion: Ukraine will live without Russia

Even through the pitch darkness Ukraine and the civilized world clearly see these terrorist acts.
Deliberate and cynical missile attacks on civilian critical infrastructure. No military targets. Kharkiv and Donetsk regions are de-energized. In Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy regions – partial power supply problems.

Do you still think that we are “one people”?
Do you still think that you can frighten us, break us, persuade us to make concessions?
Do you really not understand anything?
You don’t understand who we are? What we stand for? What we’re about?
Read my lips:
Without gas or without you? Without you.
Without electricity or without you? Without you.
Without water or without you? Without you.
Without food or without you? Without you.
Cold, hunger, darkness and thirst are not as terrible and deadly for us as your “friendship and brotherhood”.
But history will put everything in its place.
And we will have gas, light, water and food… and WITHOUT you!
” (Volodymyr Zelensky, 11.09.2022).

Today and the last few days has been obvious that the Ukrainian Defence has been able to gain lost territories. The military advances has been severe and at large a huge break-through in the occupational lines of the Russian army. That’s why the Ukrainian forces has been able to regain vast areas and also take military equipment from the retreating forces.

The latest few days has shown that the Russian army doesn’t have an air superiority and that stops the abilities of the Russian to keep the territories. As the Ukrainian defences has missiles systems and other mechanical divisions that can add pressure on the defensive lines of the Russians. That’s how the Ukrainian army has dissolved and beaten the Russians. Just like Ukrainian army targeted weapons storage and other vital logistical parts of their military operations. Therefore, this has been well planned and execute advance here. While we know the Russians are acting like its a strategic retreat…

This war has certainly turned for the worst for the Russians. This war that was launched in February and was supposed to last only for three days. We are now in September and the huge losses in combination of the costs of warfare will hurt Moscow for long time to come. The invasion of Ukraine has backfired and has united the Europeans further. There is less of allies and people who are behind the “unification” cause of the Kremlin. No, most are in favour of the independent and sovereign nation of Ukraine.

The message from Ukrainian President Zelensky is striking after all these months of defending the nation. The nation that lost Crimea in 2014 and now they are taking back territories in the South and in the Donbass regions. Certainly at a level the Russian never thought would happen and neither could ever envision.

That’s why the written Telegram of Zelensky is so poignant and fierce at the same time. Just like when he was asking for “ammo” and not for “a ride” when the Russians invaded the Republic. He is again standing tall and showing the difference between him and Putin.

The key is “without you” and Kremlin should get that memo. Not that they care and only wants to spin the recent developments in their favour. However, that seems impossible… if it was going accordingly to plan they wouldn’t attack civilian targets and vital infrastructure as they are leaving. That is done in spite and revenge, because the Russian army aren’t able to keep their occupied territories.

Latest additional memo from Ukraine is this:

O.Danilov, Ukrainian National Security Council Secretary: «Things changed. We will not be satisfied with neither the return of Crimea and Donbass nor the reparations for invasion anymore. In alliance with our allies, we want full capitulation and demilitarization of Russia.”” (Fuat, 11.09.2022).

Certainly, the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian nation and the leadership is not accepting halfway or partial surrender anymore. They want the Russians to feel pain and know they fought against the wrong opponent. That is very obvious and clear.

This is being done “without you”. Remember that. Kyiv has answered Moscow and now the next coming days. The realities of this counter-offensive might have dire effects in the leadership of Kremlin too. Peace.

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