Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement about Initiative of the Bar Association Steering Committee to Draft the Transitional Constitution (08.09.2022)

We followed with interest and appreciation the enlightenment presented by the Steering Committee of the Sudanese Bar Association on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 AD, and its announcement of the completion of the drafting of the transitional constitution as a prelude to the next step, the project is presented to the various parties, actors and stakeholders in order to agree on a constitutional declaration to manage the transitional phase and form a basis for establishing a tight, democratic civil transition that rises on the ruins of the October 25 coup.

In the Forces of Freedom and Change, we affirm our continued support and support for the subsequent steps of the Sudanese Bar Association initiative and our readiness to engage seriously in the later stages of the discussions. In continuation to our continuous role and duty during the previous stages since the launch of the Bar Association initiative and its discussions until reaching the draft constitutional declaration.

We call on all civil, democratic political components and the resistance committees to seriously engage in the discussion of this draft in order to reach agreement on a constitutional framework governing the transitional period it achieves the legitimate aspirations of the Sudanese people in a civil and democratic state, ending and defeating the coup and restoring the democratic transition.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

September 8, 2022 AD

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