Burundi: President Ndayishimiye purged in-house [and gotten a new PM]

News just in Burundi parliament has voted Gervais Ndikobuca as prime minister to replace Allain Guillaume Bunyoni who is said to be powerful. President Evariste Ndayishimiye has recently complained about sabotage in the government amid coup plots rumours. Critics have questioned. The process to elect the new premier as the former prime minister did not resign” (Jean Afadhali, 07.09.2022).

The Burundian office of prime minister was abolished in 1998, and reinstated in 2020 when Ndayishimiye assumed office and appointment of Bunyoni. Meanwhile, Bunyoni’s dismissal follows days of political tension in the country. Recently, Ndayishimiye expressed frustration and warned government officials against any move of carrying out a coup d’état. “Do you think an army general can be threatened by someone saying they would stage a coup d’état? Who is that? Whoever it is should come and in the name of God I will defeat them,” Ndayishimiye said while addressing government officials last Friday, September 2” (Alice Kagina – ‘Burundian Prime Minister Bunyoni sacked, replaced’ 07.09.2022, The New Times).

Today, it’s revealed that the Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye has possibly enemies from within. That wouldn’t be shocking, as the CNDD-FDD are a militant and ruthless party, which clears shop and shows no mercy. This is why the enemies of the party is either behind bars, kidnapped, extra judicially killed or in exile. There is few to none who has chance to stand up to the CNDD-FDD in Burundi and live…

President Ndayishimiye knows this and the total power of the Presidency has it’s consequences. Taking over from Pierre Nkurunziza has given him vast of wiggle-room and options. One of them was appointing a Prime Minister, which he did and now he has changed his mind. Ndayishimiye has only been the President since 18th June 2020. This after Nkurunziza died of COVID-19 in Nairobi, after being dismissal and reluctant to do anything about the global pandemic, which hit home.

So now over two years since the predecessor. Only two years since the President reinstated the Office of the Prime Minister. He has now gotten the first one to be sacked and appointed another one. Not like it gets a more friendly figure in the role.

Here is how his described: “General Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika (I’m going to kill you), a tough CNDD-FDD system, cited in numerous crimes since 2005, replaces another hawk, General Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, as Prime Minister. “White beanie and white beanie”” (Pacifique NININAHAZWE, 07.09.2022).

This change of the PM will not make things better. The President has made an excuse if there was a “coup attempt” or not. Maybe he was afraid of the influence of the former PM and wanted a less significant man in the role. However, the newest one will certainly use force and be a ruthless man. He fits the program like the predecessor.

The CNDD-FDD government isn’t changing anytime soon. The newest PM will not make a difference. He will continue the same sort of violence and oppression. The ones thinking otherwise is naive. Peace.

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