Opinion: Ruto came with a wheelbarrow and won

This is history in the making. United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) President-Elect William Ruto has his moment right now. He has achieved after being on the back-burner while in office. Ruto was sidelined and belittled as the Deputy President. That happened after the Handshake and the launch of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Ruto wasn’t the man that was supposed to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. Even if he was his running partner in two elections. Kenyatta needed him in 2013 and 2017, but after the handshake things went south. These two lost ways and mutual distrust between them. That’s why Ruto has been ridiculed and mocked on a regular basis. Maligned and so has allies in the August House, the Parliament. Therefore, today is a final revenge but also vindication for him.

Yes, I have called the Ruto ticket the Moi Era ticket. The President-Elect and Deputy President Elect Rigathi Gachagua are the boys of the Moi era. They have been part of it and learned their tricks in that time. Certainly, that why Ruto is getting as broad alliance as possible. His trying to get a majority and secure enough seats in both houses. Who wouldn’t in their right mind.. seek for that anyway? Most likely, the Azimio would do the same… but everyone has it that’s Ruto is conning.

Ruto has promised everything before. That’s why the promises of the years of Jubilee governments shouldn’t be forgotten. The laptops and stadiums are some of them. Ruto has been part of the governments that has taken more loans and his government has to live up to that challenge. The Kenyan economy has to carry the growing debts and possible distress. While the era of Jubilee was filled with corruption scandals and grand corruptions as well. That will not change with Ruto at the helm.

Ruto’s gamble of wheelbarrows, the hustler nation and everything else should be studied. Because, he fought the dynasties, the supposed deep-state and everyone who mattered; and he won too. Ruto has beaten the brigades of old, the Moi, Kenyatta and Odinga’s in one go. He did so and thrived. No one would expected that. Especially, not the way the Azimio was running their campaigns and preparing for the future.

The ones that was uncertain about joining Ruto should regret today. This time Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi isn’t deadwood, but will have positions in the new cabinet. The same with others who has joined. The KKA and UDA will be the rulers of the land. The ones who went to Azimio and OKA will loose out. That is just the only way out. There are some who has already left and joined Ruto. Certainly will be more, as he will ensure the transition and figure out the next cabinet.

What is to be expected is a fall-out and people ditching the Azimio. They cannot uphold their bargain and lost in the Courts too. There will be the ones who is seeking greener pastures and don’t want to be in opposition. We can await parties and leaders coming to Ruto and kissing his ring. Because, they want favours and wants be in good graces. Therefore, things will change and that will pain the Azimio camp even further.

We should expect some buffoonery from the likes of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and others who wants to be relevant. He choose the wrong ally and now he has to bear the consequences. Though we have seen how he moves and he could easily shift, if he gets an office and some perks. That’s what’s to be expected in the near future now.

Ruto, came, he saw and he conquered. The man who has been maligned and been downplayed. He showed the masses and the dynasties. His a crook and a thief in office, but he knows how the game is played. That’s why he did what he needed. Ruto paid amends where he needed and got the allies to win. That’s all he did and the wheelbarrow was only the beginning. His pursuit was the throne and he will soon be crowned king.

I don’t expect much from his reign. The years of Deputy President has shown that. Yes, he has more power now. However, he did have a lot of sway and options as the Deputy too… So, it is not like he was the whole time a galleon figure and a poster-child of the government. No, he had a say and could have achieved more. However, I expect further schemes, tricks and grand corruption cases. That comes with Ruto and his allies. Everything else is just publicity and the mirage at play. Peace.

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