Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – Press Release (01.09.2022)

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 31, 2022 AD, a procession witnessed the continued practice of the coup authorities’ repression and violence against peaceful demonstrators, which led to the martyrdom of the martyr Hatem Najmuddin Obaid Koko after he was hit in the head with a tear gas canister, he was then run over, according to eyewitnesses, by a vehicle belonging to the coup forces.

The martyr Hatem Najm Al-Din Obaid Koko holds the number 117 among his peers, the martyrs who were presented by the Sudanese people during the resistance to the coup of October 25, 2021 AD in parallel with the thousands of injured and injured as a result of the systematic violence of the coup forces.

In contrast to the usual violence by the coup forces, medical sources reported that the procedures for completing the exhumation of the body of the martyr Hatem Najm al-Din from the mortuary witnessed a deliberate delay and attempts to falsify and modify the reasons and place of martyrdom.

Referring to its occurrence in the hospital or as a result of a traffic accident, which was rejected by the doctors. This behavior reflects the new tendencies of some elements of the coup forces to falsify and manipulate facts, a behavior that besides violating the law, it contradicts morals and professionalism.

In addition to what was mentioned above, eyewitnesses attributed practices of violation of control and linkage to some employees of the coup forces on the evening of Wednesday, August 31, hours after the convoy ended by firing tear gas indiscriminately at citizens and shops on Airport Street.

The behavior of the coup and its elements confirms their systematic, deliberate and growing violence due to the lack of accountability for abuses; And the lack of the professional aspect when performing the duty and tasks in a way that confirms the necessity of ending and defeating this coup, the rule of law and the reform of large sectors of the regular forces in order to carry out its duties to the fullest extent, by applying the law in a professional, disciplined and professional manner based on protecting the people and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We believe that our people will defeat tyrannical tyrants as they defeated those who preceded them, and that the sacrifices of the Sudanese men and women for freedom, democracy and peace will reach their limit on a near victory day; We renew our call to all the revolutionary forces for unity and joint action to end this coup and defeat it and restore the democratic transition again.

We ask God Almighty to the martyr of August 31, 2022 AD Hatem Najmuddin Obaid Koko mercy and forgiveness and to his family and relatives patience and good condolences and to expedite the full recovery of all the wounded and injured, reveal the fate of the missing, and reunite them, whether they are alive or martyrs; The people of Sudan are victorious over the tyrants who killed the people and plundered the country. A victory is not far away.

Our people are Mansour and the coup is defeated.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

Thursday 1 September 2022

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