Opinion: Honourable Minister Kasaija is just proving that the PDM wasn’t prepared for launch…

As suspected before the launch of the Parish Development Model (PDM). The state didn’t do their due diligence or the framework to prepared for the launch of it. This is just a continuation of half-assing it and hoping it works. Because, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is known for micro-finance schemes and done so since the 1990s without any real progress or luck for that matter.

The PDM is just the newest creation or scheme in a long of line of them. They are coming and becomes known entities around elections or campaigns for General Elections. After that the real trouble begins and the realities of the mismanagement, nepotism and hackwork is evident. Which is very clear by the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) Matia Kasaija display in his statement about the current affairs surrounding the PDM.

There is no proof or evidence, which shows me this will be successful. The PDM was bound to fail, but he just spells it out. The lack of organization, planning and practical operation of the scheme is just staggering. This seems like a waste of a trillion shillings and is bound to be “heist”. It will not become beneficial or create any noteworthy development. No, this is made for a ghosts and lucky beneficiaries locally. That’s really it…

Just read these statements… it’s depressing… to say the least.

My Ministry therefore urges all Local Government Accounting Officers to fast-track the prior activities necessary to ready the PDM SACCOs for disbursement specifically: – to complete data collection on all households; and finalize the establishment of PDM SACCOs in all the Parishes under their respective areas of jurisdiction” (…) “Rt. Hon. Speaker and. Hon. Members, n July 2022, my Ministry requested the Local Government Accounting Officers to work with Operation Wealth Creation to validate the PDM SACCOs formed and verify the membership in the PDM Enterprise Groups and SACCOS, prior to the disbursement of funds” (Matia Kasaija, 23.08.2022).

Rt. Hon. Speaker and Hon. Members, for effective management of PRF funds by PDM SACCOs and learning from past experiences, the target beneficiaries should not access the disbursed PRF funds before they are prepared. Initial access to funds shal1 be preceded by training and preparation of PDM Enterprise Groups and PDM SACCOs on Governance, Loan Management, Records Keeping, Good Agricultural and Agribusiness Practices. Furthermore, the Parish Development

Management Information System (PDMIS) has been designed with the capability to track daily transactions in the PDM SACCOs” (Matia Kasaija, 23.08.2022).

Here after all this time. The PDM was launched in February this year. We are now half year later and the organization in the districts or parishes are far from ready. While the budget and revolving fund has cash-flow. The MoFPED is prepared financially, but the structures are non-existing, if ever ready it seems.

The PDM SACCOs needs to be in a designated gazetted parish. They need to have an account at a supervised financial institution. The PDM SACCO needs to be registered and be certified as well. The PDM SACCOs has to sign the agreement with the RPF agreement with the CAO or Town Clerk. The Local Government Accounting Officer has to submit a form to confirm that the PDM SACCO is under guidance of pillar three or financial inclusion. The last part of the PDM SACCO has to verified by the CAO/Town Clerk, supported by the Operation Wealth Creation and proven by data in the Parish Development Management Information System (PDMIS).

Yes, there are sort of system, but they are very hectic. The PDM SACCOs who are new creations in the over 10,000 parishes in the Republic. They have to go out there and get registered. These has to comply with all the various entities, both locally and financial instruments (account in a bank etc). While they are awaiting the disbursement of funds and get operational. That’s really hectic.

The PDM SACCOs has to be able to get a hold of the CAO/Town Clerk and get the paperwork done. To even be eligible. This is creating a huge secretariat and a registration process, which will take time. Both in the banks and in the local government. Local government that is understaffed and has enough work on their plates as is.

I cannot see this going well. It was very interesting revelation that this has to go through the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), which has already been a failure and haven’t lived up to the hype. Wondering if they will create another hurdle passing by Emyooga later on too. Because, this is a hectic mess and the state wasn’t prepared. Neither can the villages or the local government be. Since, this will cause a lot headache and needs of papers to even get started.

That’s before the Value for Money Reports or even consideration of if it is even worth it or has any sort of justification to be disbursed as it is. Since, this seems like scheme, which is bound to fail. Today statement isn’t inspiring or showing any hope of otherwise either. This is maybe to be “big” to fail, but I have a feeling… this will end in tears. Peace.

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