Ethiopia: TDF mobilizing around Chercher in attempt to invade Zone 4 in Afar region

Reports coming in indicate that Tigray forces today have been moving heavily armed contingents to the direction of Zone 4 in Afar Region. It is reported that a force with heavy weapons passed through the town Chercher heading to the direction of Zone 4 in Afar” (Dahlion, 23.08.2022).

So, after days of mobilizing troops on both sides of the borders of the Tigray region. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) has encircled the Tigray region from Amhara (North Wollo), Western Tigray, Eritrea and within Afar region as well.

The latest report is that the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is planning to retaliate or answer the new offensive. They are heading in the direction of Zone 4 in Afar from Chercher. Raphael Tewodros also reports this. So, the state media is also saying it.

This here shows how the war is entering the North Ethiopia again. After the last week bombing of Dedebit. While the reports of ENDF mobilizing along the border as well. Therefore, this is certainly a well planned attempt now.

If not trying to out manoeuvre the ENDF. The TDF had a hard time in their last offensive in Afar region. As they were struggling to compete with the Afar Special Regional Forces. I wouldn’t think it would go any better now. That’s why you have to wonder… why they are deciding this manoeuvre now. Peace.

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