Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (21.08.2022)

About (the disaster of torrents and rain and the coup authority’s disregard for the dangerous humanitarian situation)

The Forces of Freedom and Change are following with great concern the catastrophic and tragic conditions that large parts of the country are experiencing as a result of torrential rains and floods in many regions. This resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of families from their areas.

The repercussions of the humanitarian and health conditions are exacerbating terribly in Al-Manaqil locality in Gezira State, South Darfur, River Nile, Kassala, White Nile and South Kordofan, and the matter is likely to get worse and cause health and environmental damages with expectations of an increase in the levels of the Nile during the last week of this month, and an increase in rainfall.

The state of drowning and torrential rains that hit a number of regions in an unprecedented manner is the result of the government neglect of the coup authority and its abject failure to make any preemptive arrangements for the fall season. Operating dams, opening and cleaning canals and canals, or responding to citizens’ warnings of cracking local dams, as happened in South Darfur, and the totality of this failure is added to the balance of the October 25 coup, which is studded with incidents of continuous failures that have accumulated throughout the previous months.

The failure of the coup was not limited to the lack of preparation and preparation, but extended its practice of silence and complete silence regarding this disaster, continuing its disdain and disregard for people’s lives and the silence of its media institutions as if those disasters were in another country.

What is required now is a concerted effort and popular aid to confront this disaster and to declare the country a disaster area to attract and attract regional and international aid to provide relief and aid to the afflicted in all parts of the country and to take early precaution to confront the subsequent repercussions and the spread of epidemics and diseases.

Accordingly, a transparent investigation must be launched with popular participation after overcoming this ordeal to find out the causes and shortcomings and to hold accountable the parties that caused the exacerbation of these disasters, which were the main cause of the current unprecedented catastrophic situation.

The Forces of Freedom and Change affirm that they are monitoring the situation and will communicate with regional and international parties to extend an urgent helping hand to those affected; And she asserts that these facts prove more than ever that the continuation of this coup will only leave the country devastation and bring it into ruin. There is no chance for a better future except by ending it and defeating it and restoring the civil democratic transition.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Executive Office

Sunday August 21, 2022 AD

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