Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Statement (20.08.2022)

The strike is a form of peaceful resistance to dictatorial regimes and means the paralysis of state institutions that the military and their allies have robbed and are trying to use to suppress us.

Or deal with it.

Our resistance people chanted with our throats eager for freedom and with our honorable martyrs, “The revolution is a union and a neighborhood committee.”

In order to prepare for the strike and raise the degree of organization through the general political strike committees, linking and coordinating them with the disobedience committees in the neighborhoods.

We also call on the masses of the Sudanese people in all the cities, villages, and regions of Sudan, especially the resistance committees, to continue the peaceful resistance and adhere to it, improve it and rise by degrees. Organizing it by initiating the formation of civil disobedience committees in neighborhoods and al-Furqan.

We will proceed in the battle of national liberation by all peaceful means and means to seize the full civil authority of the revolutionary forces, provided that the study continues among the revolutionary forces to chart renewed paths for the resistance action.

The valiant struggles of our people and the glory and immortality of our honorable martyrs lasted, and the revolution was free and victorious.

August 20, 2022 AD

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