Kenya: The Two MCC MPs ditches Azimio


Today it’s also revealed that the two elected Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) candidates Mwengi Mutuse and Caleb Mule have gone from Azimio la Umoja over to Kenya Kwanza Alliance. These two MPs are following the announcement of United Democratic Movement (UDM) who joined in much higher numbers. This purge is certainly to ensure total control of Parliament. The House has now a solid majority of Kenya Kwanza MPs and the same can be said about the Senate.

The MCC MPs follows Party Leader Alfred Mutua who during the campaigns switched sides. As the party was still aligned with Azimio. While he left for the greener pastures in Kenya Kwanza. That is obviously clear now and these MPs who promised to be different to the Ruto supported opponents. Has just barely week after being declared MPs switched to Ruto’s side.

We are seeing what Ruto does and the two MCC MPs becomes part of huge majority now. They are following the Party leader and their stay in Azimio was only for the hope of becoming part of Odinga’s Canaan. However, that they traded away minutes after the declaration.

This shows how easily these politicians can be swayed and how fickle the alliances are. One minute your enemies and the next your partners-in-crime. That’s just how this game goes and Ruto playing it so easy. His getting advantage after advantage and it’s only mere days after the declaration of victory.

That got to sting Odinga and the Azimio. Seeing practically UDM and MCC becoming allies of Ruto in a heart-beat. This is the gist of it and it didn’t even happen slowly. We just have to await more news and see who else decides to join Ruto. It seems like that sort of season and Azimio is losing steam before the petition is delivered to the Supreme Court. Peace.

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