Opinion: Is Azimio just running on vibes?

Was the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance just run on vibes? Was it just a vehicle and a mechanism to ensure Baba the Fifth and they expected it just to run its course? Because for everyday going and what is said or done. It seems like a mismatch of ideals and sort of understanding of where they are. Certainly a vast group of parties, leaders and egos will sooner or later fail. Because, if the house of cards loses its centre… it will totally collapse. That’s what I see coming soon to you.

Well, after the Declaration of the victory of United Democratic Alliance Presidential Candidate William Ruto. The Azimio has seemed out of order. Just like the manner of which the Azimio behaved and acted before the Declaration of the Presidential Election. Baba and the 4 defiant Commissioners all sang the same song. It was a like a coordinated choir and more in tune that the one at Bomas, apparently.

That the Azimio affiliated Commissioners worked for a “re-run” shows their lack of independence and their ideals to secure Odinga no matter what. That was their job and they didn’t finalize it. As they were appointed late last year in order to secure one objective. This is a plan and that’s how you “fix” it.

We know that Kenyatta part-took in the Azimio and added value to the coalition of parties. Not only by letting Jubilee be a part of it, but all the other smaller parties it has signed agreements with. Just like the Azimio also got the OKA as a partner too. This is a reason why the coalition should be solid and it had such vast support.

Still, how could that fail? Well, the lack of professionalism? The hubris and confidence overpowered the lack of faith or the lack of popularity of Kenyatta? All of that could be true. People have seen what the Kenyatta years has done or not done. It has been lofty promises and a bonanza of grand-corruption cases. It isn’t like good governance or service delivery has been the priority of the Jubilee years. No, it has been power and bully institutions who hasn’t followed the program.

So, the hubris and confidence of the Azimio could be it own self-destruction. Thinking it was in the bag before the polls. They didn’t need to act methodically or even have own tally centre. The Azimio didn’t need to have copies, print or a “war-room” to ensure the due process. Instead, their agents or the ones there was only with cell-phones and doing calls. They were not overseeing or having a clear oversight of the process as it happened.

The Azimio must have been unprepared for a loss. The machinery and support was all behind it. They never thought the public or the candidates it was meeting had any chance. That’s why the Azimio sounded confident of victory until the mere hours before the Declaration. Baba the Fifth and he was ready to serenade the Republic. However, it wasn’t his day just like so many elections before him. Yet again… he lost and the public was never ready for Odinga.

That’s why the election is disputed and the petition is getting prepared. The Azimio team isn’t looking smart, for every Press Conference they are looking scrambling and trying to find the next step ahead. They are bewildered and outsmarted. Ruto and his team wasn’t the ones with the biggest pockets or the state behind it. Though it had the wits and the wisdom to be prepared.

That’s why these things happens. The manner of which Ruto has calculated and planned ahead. That’s why his ensuring not to get a hung House and getting majority in the Senate. Just so he has the chambers on his side. That’s what a smart politician does and his ensured that already.

While Azimio is playing politics and wants Kalonzo as the Speaker. He will never be the Speaker and not with UDA or Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA) in office. That’s a fools errand, but just showing how they are thinking or fooling around.

The Azimio is just proving how rudderless they are and disorganized. They went into the elections on vibes and stopping the reggae. It must hurt the seasoned politicians that they had poor planning, the inner circle failed the masses and clearly lacks strategy. If they had that and did so with coordination. The Azimio team should have had this, but Ruto was able to find his pathway.

The IEBC has this time better shield and great transparency. Therefore, the Azimio has to configure and really tricky-dicky sort of legal jargon to be able to do make it “null and void”. It isn’t from the on-set any mismanagement or rigging. The call of rigging only happened the moment Ruto was announced or declared. Before that everything was dandy and all of Azimio was claiming victory. They were prepared to celebrate and throw Baba a huge party as well.

That’s with every day going. The Azimio all seem like vibes. All good feelings and confidence, but no plan ahead. That’s why they scraping and trying to find their way. They are speaking loud and wanting to dismiss the election. An election that didn’t go it’s way. However, this time it seems pointless.

When you does it all vibes and not strategically thinking, no coordination and no prepositioned outcome. Then you deserve to loose. The lack of agent, national tally centre and no way of good communication between it all. You are just bound to fail and the only one to blame is the leaders on the top. The failure is obvious now…

Hubris and confidence can only take you so far. “Issa Vibe” isn’t a strategy but a good way of feeling good at a bar. You don’t win elections at bars, but you get some sloppy seconds, if your lucky. Peace.

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