Ethiopia: War is returning to Tigray

The Tigray region that has been at various stages of War since November 2020. The region that has been besieged and gotten shunned by the Federal Government. The region is yet again under fire. The missiles and tanks is returning in the name of Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). These are being used to attack the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) positions and it’s been reported to happen this week. A clear breach of the “Humanitarian Truce” and it shows that it wasn’t real. 

After Cessation of Hostilities has been breached by ENDF, as the army has now attacked Tigray Defence Forces position around Dedebit in Western Tigray. Western Tigray which for two years has been “annexed” or occupied by the Tripartite Alliance. This alliance is the ENDF, Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” and Eritrean Defence Force (EDF). Now, the ENDF has returned and coming with mechanical divisions to restart the War.

The talks and diplomacy has like suspected only been to buy time and be able to regroup for a new offensive against the TDF. That’s the plan of the “Humanitarian Truce” and the government has since then gotten funding and time to buy more ammunition. Therefore, the new offensive and continuation of the “Law Enforcement Operation” can cease to continue.

The Tigray region is already war-torn, disconnected from the world for two years. Utilities haven’t been connected for two years either. There is a famine and a humanitarian disaster already in the making, as the humanitarian assistance has only come in small convoys and never to levels of what the people actually needed. They only got small percentages of what they need and this is why the basic necessities and lack thereof is well documented. This is also in regard to fertilizers, fuel and medicines. So, that is not only food, but what helps to produce more food for the next season. Therefore, this has been a planned and a staged scenario, which is so grim.

Now, as the humanitarian disaster of epic proportion is happening. The army is returning and with fire. The war is most likely on and the ENDF was just waiting to be regrouped for return to Tigray. This is why we should expect more bloodshed, collective punishment and a total war. Expect several of fronts to be attacked, the allies of Addis Ababa will join along. That being Asmara and Bahir Dar as well.

The Tripartite Alliance is ready and prepared. To think otherwise is naive. They will try to annihilate the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and anyone who can possibly associate with the party. They are going after the region and wants it suffer for not consolidating power to the Prime Minister and his party, the Prosperity Party. That’s the PEACE that Abiy offers and this is why he has established a “Ministry of Peace” and a “Peace Committee”. These are just made to look like peace, while the PM and his government wages war. That’s why the Ministry has in past fundraised for the army in the name of “peace”.

We should expect war and more conflict. That’s what’s on the horizon. The “Humanitarian Truce” was hallow and was a lie. Just like so many other of the blatant acts of the PM. He only did it buy time and weapons. The PM didn’t do it out of mercy or concern for the population. No, he did it to get more ammunition, equipment and ability to wage war.

There will only be armed tyranny from now. There will only be more death and more horrific acts done in the name of “rule of law” and “democracy”. Expect stories to shatter your heart, mind and soul. That’s what’s ahead, as devastating as the news of famine and starvation is… and in the mix of that comes a full-scale war.

I have stated before and state it again, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali isn’t a man of peace, but a warlord. His a man of war and not peace. That is proven and it shows everywhere he goes. Peace.

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