Kenya: Ruto beat the odds…

I want to confess that I have been prayed into victory, it is not our effort. My team knows we were working against the odds”– President-Elect William Ruto (15.08.2022)

The former Deputy President and outcast high ranking offical William Ruto was working against the grain. There was nothing the state did nor the elites did for his campaign. The state, dynasties and everyone else for that matter was on the side of Azimio.

This time around everything was going according to plan for Raila Odinga. He was vouched for by the most Governors. He was supported by a broad-based coalition and had the Party of the outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta on his side. Odinga had the backing of so many people and parties. You would think that would be enough. Clearly, it was close, but just not enough.

Ruto was able to build his own party and campaign to this extent. While the Odinga team went calculated ahead. They had the different bases and the possibilities to reach all corners of the Republic. However, the whole platform and candidacy didn’t resonate. If it had… Ruto wouldn’t have marginally won.

This defeating the dynasties and the elites. They were all lined up for Odinga. Maybe the cruise-control and thinking it was in bag… was the reason for the down-fall of the campaign. Some has even said he sold himself, but not what he wanted to do. That’s why Odinga possibly lost.

We know there will be all sort of politicking in the days ahead. It is starting right now and been going on since the Azimio camp left Bomas. That was inevitable why Odinga never showed up. He knew the gig was up and he had to play differently.

Ruto beat him against all odds. This is possibly the final campaign of Odinga and the last time he could stand. This time he had the backing and the support of which people can dream off. That is something Ruto knows. Because, Ruto had it similar in the 2017 elections. That’s why Ruto knows what he stood up against.

Even if the National Assembly is “hung” and not a clear majority. That will make it harder for Ruto. Though the UDA has the Senate and will have close to half of the House. The same can be said about the governors too. Therefore, this term will be interesting…

We know a Presidential Handshake made a difference in the previous term. Hopefully, the institutions and the integrity is to trust. Because, time will tell now or if Baba will go as the “People’s President”. That is up to him, but Ruto defied the odds.

Yes, he has been part of the government for 10 years, but also been ditched and left alone by his partner, the outgoing President Kenyatta. So, Ruto showed character and ability to sell his story. He was able to tactically win and ensure a majority. Even if the majority is as slim as it can get.

We all know this would feel different, if one of them won by a landslide. However, that wasn’t the case and this is why the Azimio wants to contest the results now. The Kenya Kwanza Alliance members can feel good and vindicated for being part of the campaign. They have won their ticket and becomes part of the government.

So, Ruto didn’t win this alone, but he did so with Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi. These are the leaders to look out for. They were able to gain enough votes and become the victors. It is their day today. These folks can celebrate and rightfully so. Peace.

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