Opinion: The game to discredit IEBC is now on

Today, the game is now on… the politicking and the way of using the Presidential Elections results in their favour or not. Tonight the leaders of Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance will build their case and petition the Supreme Court. While the team of spokespersons, elected officials and activists will all dismiss what went down. They will tarnish the Chairman Wafula Chebukati and the whole Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). This was started with the walk-out and the improvised Press Conference outside of Bomas earlier today.

Now, as the closest election in living memory. The one that United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Presidential Candidate William Ruto won by the smallest margin. This was as narrow as it can get. It wasn’t a landslide and certainly not as big as you should expect. The end of it all is that there was just enough of majority to pull it off.

We will certainly see all the people from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and the allies of the Azimio, all putting on a performance and ensure the stories are correct. They will do whatever to make it “nullified”. That is the mission now, as the National Super Alliance (NASA) did in the 2017 elections. This is the game-plan and they got to sell those ideas to the people as well. They have to make it believable this time.

It will be harder to do so. Haven’t the Azimio been part of the whole process from the local tallying and accepting the results, which has come to the National Tally centre? Haven’t the Azimio team been part of the different streams and ensured the protocols was being made fra 34A-34B to the final 34C.

That’s the game here and they have to prove the malpractice now. They have to state with definitive doubt that something shady was going on. When the whole data is already uploaded to the server and the 34A’s are accessible. They are not in a hidden server and the data isn’t in some far-away algorithm. No, it is in plain sight. That’s why it’s harder to prove mischief and say it was rigging.

The Azimio team now has to prove it and I remember reading the paperwork for the nullification of the 2017 elections. The same has to be done now. They have to show it and properly do so. There has to be more than hearsay. It cannot just be grievances and tears. The Azimio team has to come to court with evidence and witnesses. Until then… the declared winner is Ruto.

That is the game and Odinga knew this. He has been here before and we knew something was up when he wasn’t coming to Bomas today. Baba would have showed up, if he believed the results would be in his favour. However, he dipped out, because he rather build a case and ensure people believe his case.

This is what is happening now and we should await a petition to the Supreme Court. The Azimio team better assemble and collect all evidence they have. Because, the IEBC has this time been smat as well. By the ability to point at the server of all 34A forms. This is why it isn’t all talk and making the results questionable.

So, expect everyone in Azimio to try to dismiss, distort and discredit the IEBC. That is a given and they got too. They have to change the perception and make it believable that it was a mirage, and the IEBC tricked everyone. That’s what they will be doing and it’s so obvious. Peace.

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