Opinion: Will Baba go back to his ordinary “Playbook” of electioneering again?

Raila claimed yesterday that they had tallied and won; today, they claim that this is the most mismanaged election they have ever witnessed. After politicians, fear politicians again!” (Jonah Kirabo, 15.08.2022).

Saitabao Ole Kanchory: We have intelligence reports, their system was penetrated and hacked. As I said before, Bomas of Kenya is a scene of crime” (Jicho TV Kenya, 15.08.2022).

Saitabao Ole Kanchory: We have intelligence reports that their system was penetrated and hacked and that some of the IEBC officials actually committed electoral offences and some of them ought to have been arrested if they were not arrested” (Citizen TV Kenya, 15.08.2022).

UPDATE: Azimio officials demand to see presidential election results, verify them before asking Raila to attend announcement event at Bomas. Says Chebukati has been elusive today” (EAMGtv, 15.08.2022).

The 9th August 2022 General Elections have been successfully done. Now the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance spearheaded by 5 time Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga. There are rumours and speculations to why he isn’t showing up to Bomas for the announcement of the winner of the Presidential Elections.

This election haven’t been like the previous one for that matter. In 2017 there was secret serves, agreements, interference from the well-versed Cambridge Analytica and other matters that made it possible to “annul” or make the results “null and void” in the Supreme Court. In 2022 on the other hand. Whatever results that is proclaimed today at Bomas is much harder. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has published the 34A Forms on their server and it’s public for everyone to make a tally. Therefore, the counts and the votes are in the public. It takes much more to scrutinize now.

So, if the Azimio calls it quits and says there been tampering. If the Azimio claims of electioneering and rigging. The now Governor-Elect James Orengo and team better have evidence and proof of the mischief. Because, the Azimio has seen the process and is calling out the team now. It is also rare that the candidate isn’t showing up in defiance. That’s a sign that Odinga knows there is only bad news ahead.

That’s why this election is different and IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has played this one out softly. He knew he would be in trouble if he winged it or made amends. The IEBC had to be clear and play by the rules. Yes there been plenty of days since he ballots was cast. The die was already cast. The verdict was to verified and ensured. Especially with postponement after mismanaged procurement of ballots to certain counties. That was later fixed, but the whole picture is good with the small malfunctions that were. Therefore, the characteristic of “rigging” and “electioneering” now seems like a losers excuse.

It is hard to imagine that Odinga lost. Because, he had the whole system, government and everyone who mattered behind him. He had a broad coalition, a huge platform and a career as a solid politician. However, that was possibly not enough and it didn’t resonant with enough people. The elites might wanted him and they cherished him, as he joined hands with Jubilee and was the candidate of Kenyatta.

Nevertheless, it is now possible that Ruto will be announced and proclaimed winner of the 9th August 2022 elections. That’s why Azimio before that is calling it out and dismissing it. Saying it was fabricated and fixed. This being hard to say… when everyone with a calculator can access and count on an excel spreadsheet with the 34A forms, if they like.

The IEBC used these days from the 9th August to the 15th August to verify the results. To do the checks and balances. So, it is rich to ask for evidence and proof of verification as the results are announced. That sounds a losers game and delegitimizing the whole affair. This seems like the game-plan ahead of a possible litigation. The Azimio knows the bad news and is therefore going back to scheduled programming. That being claiming it was “rigged” and taking it to the Courts.

The Azimio team is right taking it to the Courts. However, dismissing it and not entertaining the affair. Just show the bitterness that you yet again lost an election. The election of your life and the final straw in your long career. This was Odinga final journey and he could never reach Canaan. Maybe his son Joshua can, but he himself? Doesn’t seem so.

Raila Odinga and his team should reflect on themselves. They can build a case and show their evidence. However, this election has all been mature and shown character of all parties. That shouldn’t be destroyed now. The confidence of the IEBC is strong and the resilience is clear. The indication of anything else… is just hearsay right now.

That’s why it’s tragic to be like this in the moments ahead of the declaration and announcement of the winner of the Presidential Election of 2022. Peace.

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