Opinion: Patience is a virtue and it’s tested in Nairobi

We (Roots party) are winning this thing (the presidency)”Wilson Gathoni (12.08.2022)

There are two conflicting narratives running and there becomes more speculations as times goes on. What the Independent Boundaries and Election Commission (IEBC) did wisely this time was to publish all 34A forms from the polling stations across the Republic. The public cannot say the information isn’t there and secondly, there is no missing server or asking for verification of the results of the server like in 2017. That was really smart and transparent of the Chairman Wafula Chebukati.

Now that the days are lingering on from 9th August 2022 and the fatigue is setting in. The announcement of MCAs, Governors, MPs and Senators are all under way. They are settling in and people are getting to know the ones representing them on local level and on National level. However, the waiting game for the Presidency is really tiring, but maybe needed.

That Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance and Kenya Kwanza Alliance are awaiting the results are an understatement. One is saying the inviable is happening and the other saying freedom is coming. While high ranking officials of both camps trying to either peddle propaganda for themselves or acting like they are firm on outcome.

Whatever it is … it seems like a stalemate, as the national TV channels has stopped or cease to count the numbers. The threshold of 50+1 is maybe impossible. There is all sorts of speculations and that there been rigging both ways. While the IEBC and the Chairman is at ease and seems to have a more clear head than in previous elections.

People are wondering if it was either Raila Odinga or William Ruto who pulled it off. Because, both parties and their associates has spread numbers making significant claims of victories. Nevertheless, that isn’t proven just yet. That’s why on the 12th August 2022 we still don’t know the victor and who will be announced of these two gentlemen. What we do know.. is that the two other candidates has close to nothing and was pitiful sideshows with non to show for it.

Bomas will have the answers and that is very obvious by now. The IEBC was smart and makes it possible for the candidates to look over the forms and collect the tallies if they wanted too. That’s why the national broadcasters could do so and they started, but for some funny reason they stopped. Maybe they feared the anxiousness and maybe they got tired of it too. The teams wasn’t good enough or got tired of calculating. Whatever it is…

There is only one thing to do and it’s to wait. The IEBC is the one that has the final words. Bomas will be the place and Chebukati will announce it. We can just wonder who it will be and by what margin. Since the numbers until now makes it seems as close as it can get. There is no sort of show or obvious sort of game-changer.

That’s why it’s a waiting game for Odinga and Ruto. They just have to wait. There men might peddle a lot hearsay and rumours, but that doesn’t make it true. Until, the IEBC has verified it and feels certain of certifying it. They will do it, I suppose. The credibility of it all stems on that. Because, certainly the Chairman don’t want yet another lose in the Supreme Court like in 2017. He wants it to be righteous to save face and name. Since, Chebukati hasn’t been the most trusted man of the land, but that could change wit this one.

Now everyone just have to patience and it feels like forever. Nevertheless, the truth will be out and we don’t know what that will be. Peace.

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