Opinion: The maturity of the Kenyan election is commendable

I believe the candidates conceding have received their results, this is a very transparent process” Wafula Chebukati (10.08.2022).

The happenings since the polls of the 2022 elections in Kenya is just positive. Yes, there been misgivings, some candidates who has acted out and should be punished for it. However, the bigger picture is a good one. The candidates, incumbents and whatnot has been showing restraint, but also just been sincere.

This could have gone either, which way. The representatives could have acted all out after losses. Career politicians could gone on a rampage and been violent. However, they have instead conceded and showed a peaceful manner of transition. The Governors, MCAs, MPs or Senators has all taken into account the will of the people and seen it wasn’t their time. That should be commended. Because, these has been in the spotlight and been able to win before. However, this time around they are either silent or conceding with honour.

There are giants and big-men who has fallen prey in this elections. People who are part of dynasties and the long time serving politicians. It has been people who are associated with former political rising parties and now losing out. This is all happening and the people has chosen another path this time around.

We are seeing Moses Kuria, Gideon Moi, Jeremiah Kioni, Amos Kimunya, Alfred Keter, Nixon Korir and William Chepkut all losing their seats. They wasn’t able to win their campaigns and other took it. This is why they will not be Governors, MPs or Senators. They will go back to become private citizens and outside of representing government at various stages. That shows something about this election.

We don’t know who will be the winner or get the huge benefit across the Republic. We can only speculate, but the results of the Presidential and the total picture across the political landscape isn’t yet clear. The Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance will both work to look the best and confident, as the balance sheet is not filled out just yet.

This anxious awaiting the tally and pronounced results can be hectic for anyone. The unknown, but hopefully the elections locally will come out. The map of parties and alliance winners will be more clear. As we are awaiting the full verdict of the announcement of the Presidential elections. Because, all eyes goes there and both sides are trying to make seem like they are winning.

Time will really tell. What we do know is that the public is awaiting the results. The leaders themselves wants to know and the new leadership is on the horizon. The current administration is turning over to a new one, no matter what. Kenyatta’s two terms are over, but we don’t know who his turning over too.

The public did their duty and now the machine has to ensure and safeguard the results. That is what is clear. We can just eagerly await and hope for a better tomorrow. The era of Jubilee and Kenyatta is soon over. There will be another day, a day we don’t know. If it is Blue or Yellow. We clearly don’t know yet. It will be either, because the two other candidates has no chance and they can just reside at home. They are going nowhere. Peace.

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