Sudan: Sudanese Bar Association – Steering Committee – Declaration on the continuation of the dialogue activities on the transitional constitutional framework (09.08.2022)

For the second day, the activities of the dialogue workshop on the transitional constitutional framework, organized by the Sudanese Bar Association, continued. with the wide participation of political, professional, civil, revolutionary and societal forces and armed struggle movements.

The workshop aims to find foundations for political consensus and democratic consolidation on issues of constitutional arrangements, this is in recognition of the importance of constitutional dialogue and broad participation in the making of the transitional constitution and its protection from the abuse of power and the disruption of its provisions.

The first session of the second day was initiated by Counselor Tariq Mubarak Majzoub, Head of the Constitution and Research Department at the Ministry of Justice, on the axis of the transitional authority institutions, their levels and who constitutes them. For her part, Ms. Safaa Al-Aqib, a human rights activist in the field of peace and gender and head of the Darfur Women’s Forum, initiated the second session on the axis of peace in the transitional constitution.

Professor Kamal Muhammad Al-Amin, lawyer and legal expert, initiated the dialogue in the third session on basic rights and freedoms. The participants’ interventions in the three axes dealt with visions and positions on the institutions of the transitional authority, their levels and how they were formed, and about the peace agreement and its completion, and the document of rights and freedoms in the transitional constitution.

August 9, 2022

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