Opinion: Papa Don’s home raided by the FBI

In the case of federal offenses that are colloquially known as white-collar crimes (e.g., violations of the federal securities laws), agents often will need to obtain documents from suspects and innocent parties as part of the investigation. To do so, the agents can apply for a search warrant from a magistrate (or judge) to search a particular site for relevant evidence. Alternatively, the agents can request a subpoena from a grand jury” (FBI – ‘A Brief Description of the Federal Criminal Justice Process’).

It is now official that the former President Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump home “Mar-A-Lago” in Florida was raided by the FBI. The FBI cannot just show up and raid someone’s home. They need evidence and get a search warrant accepted by a judge. Therefore, what happened yesterday is unique in the sense the authorities has collected and founds enough reasons to do this.

Time Magazine reports it like this: “The FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday” (Time Magazine, 09.08.2022).

We know that the President has withheld documents and taken documents meant for the National Archive, which is stated by law to happen after ending of term. The authorities has already needed to go to Mar-A-Lago and pick-up 15 boxes of documents from his time in office. That’s why Trump has done this before and people shouldn’t be shocked by the extent of it.

The FBI wouldn’t knock or come to a home without a reason. “Papa Don” is finally feeling the “Law and Order” he spoke so loudly about in office. What is striking here is that the FBI director is a Trump appointee and the judge signing of the search warrant is another too. Therefore, the people doing it isn’t “democrats” but people Trump trusted with these offices. So, the “deep state” nonsense of the Republicans or the acts of “weaponized” Department of Justice is out of bound. Because, this just shows that a citizen and a former President isn’t above the law. He just have to answer to it like anyone else.

The Republican’s cannot shield itself and make it look like “Papa Don” is an innocent boy-scout. That’s how they are acting and that they are shocked. The Trump Organization, the Trump Campaign and the Trump Administration has a lot of questionable acts. It is with a reason why his the only former President not allowed to have a foundation, because of how he used a former one for business or private matters and not for charity.

The GOP will be in meltdown mode and that’s for the simple reason: Their dude is in trouble. He has been able to skate away from trouble so far. Which is amazing in itself. He tried to do a coup d’etat. The former President was able to profit on the Presidency and so did his businesses. That has in the past been illegal and the companies owned by Presidents has been sold or put into trusts. However, that wasn’t the case with him and foreign interests could sway the Presidency monetarily. Therefore… there is enough reason to look into the man.

Papa Don” cannot run away from the law. The FBI has some knowledge and possible evidence to further investigate. They feared for the documents and the evidence being destroyed. That’s why they are raiding his home now. We don’t know if he tried to obstruct justice or destroy classified documents. Secondly, we don’t know if he tried to sell that to a “third party” which “Papa Don” did together with Manafort to Russian spies. Therefore, there is possible precedence for doing so.

We can now wonder how this will play out for “Papa Don”. There is enough investigations going on in New York, Washington D.C. and in Georgia itself. We can also wonder where the indictment or the criminal prosecution will happen. A “Papa Don” trial would be an event at this point. Especially, in consideration of his stature and that’s his the former President. We know that former President Richard Nixon accepted from President Ford a “pardon” to get away from being indicted for his crimes. Therefore, the “Papa Don” can only get that from President Biden. It is not in the interest of Biden to give him that. We know that Trump would go after Biden’s family and the Democratic Party. That is something “Papa Don” has said before and would go after his political enemies. This is why it’s unlikely that Biden would give him mercy.

What we are seeing is that “Papa Don” own actions are catching up to him. He has been able to run away from anything. The criminal dealings in the corporate world. He has gotten away from paying taxes and keeping his tax-returns private. The former President has blocked investigations and obstructed justice. Used office for profits and personal interests. That’s why there so much things that could be of interests for the FBI. “Papa Don” should be worried… and that’s why the GOP has a meltdown. Because, they know what has been going on and what their “beloved” leader has done.

Not only trying to openly coordinate a coup d’etat, but also all the questionable actions, which is being investigated. It is a reasons why the Trump Organizations has been caught in scams and in criminal acts over the years. So, anyone shouldn’t be shocked that “Papa Don” is doing illegal things. Therefore, the tides is turning and now the rule of law is coming home. The “Papa Don” above the law is over.

Trump has used “executive privilege” to safeguard himself, but that isn’t valid as a citizen. This is why he cannot run or hide. The law can now catch up on him. We just have to see why they did it and reasons for the raid. The FBI did this for a reason and with a suspect of illegal activity. That’s why it happened and the truth will come out later. Peace.

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