Sudan: Forces for Freedom and Change – press release about Central Council for Freedom and Change meeting (07.08.2022)

The meeting of the Central Council for Freedom and Change was held on Saturday, August 6, 2022 AD at the National Umma Party House, with the presence and participation of its blocs, parties and components.

The meeting, which lasted for nearly six hours, deliberated on many political and regulatory agendas and related issues.

The meeting renewed the Alliance of Forces of Freedom and Change’s adherence to its political position based on ending and defeating the October 25 coup, restoring the democratic transition and building transitional, civilian constitutional institutions of governance.

The meeting also directed the Executive Office to prepare a political declaration that includes the coalition’s visions on political issues.

The meeting approved a number of organizational directives related to the work of the institutions of the Forces of Freedom and Change coalition, that the regular meetings of the Central Council should be held monthly.

With the possibility of holding emergency meetings if necessary, and issued the necessary directives to manage and develop the work of the specialized committees during the coming period.

The meeting decided to refer the draft constitutional declaration and the notes and proposals for amendments submitted about it to a legal and political committee that includes in its membership the Legal Committee and members of the Central Council representing the blocs, parties, and parties that submitted observations or proposals for amendments to the draft constitutional declaration.

Provided that the joint committee presents the draft declaration in its final form to an emergency session of the Central Council to be held within two weeks from its date with the purpose of approving it in its final form.

The meeting also adopted the general guidelines for the vision of the forces of freedom and change to be presented during the workshop organized by the steering committee of the Sudanese Bar Association on the basic issues of the country’s transitional constitutional framework after the end and defeat of the October 25 coup, the restoration of the democratic transition and the realization of the glorious December revolution slogans of freedom, peace and justice in a democratic civil state.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

August 7, 2022 AD

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