Opinion: Bong Bong Marcos, what changed since 2011?

The Philippines has no intention of rejoining the ICC” – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (01.08.2022).

The Philippines President was only sworn-in on the 30th June 2022 and we are now in the start of August 2022. President Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Junior is already hit with controversy. A sort of affair he could have avoided and made disappear. However, he instead wants to show force and continue where his predecessor left off. That makes it easier for him and less obstacles, if he needs to use military means or violent aggression against “targeted groups” within the republic.

Duterte revoked the Rome Statute:

The Philippines ’ withdrawal from the ICC, already took effect on March 17, 2019, exactly a year after Duterte revoked the Rome Statute, a treaty that created the international court. The country severed ties from the ICC after its special prosecutor Fatou Bensouda started a preliminary examination on the alleged human rights violations under the administration’s anti-drug war” (Azer Parrocha – ‘PRRD upheld PH sovereignty by withdrawing from ICC: Andanar’ 17.03.2021).

So, the Philippines has only been over 3 years outside the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Philippines is following a small or marginalized group of nations who isn’t part of it. That’s saying a lot about the values and the wills of the government in Manilla. I’m not shocked, but expected this by Marcos Jr. as his not the sort of fella who wants oversight or anyone look into his deeds. That’s the sort of thing ICC does and it could be a bad look.

What is striking however… is that the same man as a then Senator signed off on a Resolution to ratify the Rome Statute in 2011. it is the same man that is no accepting and continuing the path of not being part of the ICC. That is saying something and shows what sort of man he is. Because, he signed off and wanted it to happen in 2011.

Now in 2022 the game is different and the office is also very appealing. The President wants to look strong and spread his vision. That’s very clear here and its obvious why. In 2011 he wanted to signal and show that he was a changed man. That he possibly wasn’t like his father and wanted the nation to be changed for the better. Now in office, he don’t want investigators or independent bodies to undermine his authority. He wants to reign supreme and have a say in what’s going on. His allies and the political elite his a part of. Cannot bare the burden of burying or double-crossing the ones who helped him to office.

That’s why Marcos Jr. cannot issue a resolution or a motion, even executive order to get the Philippines to sign and ratify the Rome Statue into Philippines Law. The ones that are in dire shock and feel in disbelief haven’t followed the Malacañang politicking or how the Philippines government have operated of late. Marcos Jr. isn’t revolutionizing things, but instead following the line or policies of Duterte. No one should be surprised here.

Marcos Jr. want to seem like a big-man and a strong leader. He needs to show force and resilience. If not he will be mocked and be ridiculed. An easy of getting ahead is to use foreign interference and block foreign entities from acting on Filipino soil. That’s what his doing with the ICC and will possibly do with others.

Even if he did in his SONA speech said this:

We will be a good neighbor – always looking for ways to collaborate and cooperate with the end goal of mutually beneficial outcomes. If we agree, we will cooperate and we will work together. And if we differ, let us talk some more until we develop a consensus. After all, that is THE FILIPINO WAY” (Marcos Junior, 25.07.2022).

So, it is ironic that he just said these words mere week apart. Also a decade later his not trying to rejoin or willing to do so. That’s because his worried about the possible investigation and what it could unravel. This would hurt his allies and his reign. Marcos Junior needs these ones to stay in office and he knows that. They wouldn’t have backed him or been supporting his campaign if not. That’s it really….

The ones who don’t get that. Should check upon the characters that threw their weight onto his campaign and the parties who aligned itself with Bong Bong Marcos. These are the ones who needs to be shielded and not worry about tomorrow. Peace.

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