Opinion: DP follows UPC’s journey into the hands of Museveni

Today was the day that the Democratic Party (DP) sealed its fate. It is following Uganda People’s Congress who signed a similar agreement in 2016. Both of the oldest parties of the Republic now has signed agreements with the President and his party the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The DP and UPC will now be gallant side-dishes of the political spectrum. They are neither in government or coalition partners, but they are in cooperation with the ruling regime.

President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni has gotten these two parties for cheap. He don’t even need to dance or play the violin. Just throwing some EALA MPs slots and possibly seats in Parliament for the high ranking officials. Heck, he might appoint someone from the parties to an honourable parastatal and call it a night.

Museveni now has two silent partners in Jimmy Akena and Norbert Mao. They have both diluted their parties for a treat or a favourable office of sorts. Who knows how beneficial it really is. The UPC isn’t trying to run for the Presidency any longer. The DP might follow suit, because why bother right? They are already entangled and they get coins for doing so. This is easy money and the parties don’t even have to work for it. They are just served by the President and his getting no challenge from them.

The DP is now trading off. The DP can now just rebrand itself or becoming silent on issues. The UPC isn’t that vocal. They rarely have pressers or releases statements. The UPC doesn’t challenge in the plenty of races and back-downs easily for the NRM. Now we can expect the same from the DP.

Museveni should be happy he gotten cheap trade-offs and it doesn’t really cost him anything. These parties will lack trust within the electorate and neither strengthen their leadership either. Mao will soon look like and sound like Akena. Because, he cannot be vocal or challenge someone he has partnered up with.

That’s why we know Museveni was happy to announce the agreement today. He knew he got the best deal and the DP is the losers. The DP is the “Good DP” now, because the NUP took all the “Bad DP” away from him. The party has shifted this and it’s obvious. Mao has given up and rather be another stooge.

Both parties are now eating of the hands of Museveni. This is why they will be toothless and be silent partners. It is really tragic… and the founders of these parties would have vomited or turned in their graves. Because they would never have believed that their predecessors could sell their parties this cheaply. There is nothing long-term to gain and neither is there anyone who will trust them now.

The NRM-UPC deal has tarnished the party since 2016. No matter what the UPC leadership and others says. They cannot say they have become a vocal voice of reason or a party to seek. If so, why are there no face or MP, which the people are listening to from the party? Secondly, the DP will become the same sort of tragic party in Parliament. Not that it’s showed finesse or ability to sell it’s vision of late. Nevertheless, the NRM-DP will be a slow death of the party.

If you thought the DP Block or the SPV was a failure of an enterprise… well, the recent development will be like a massive downturn or a self-made recession. The DP will go into a depression… while the leadership will have their SUVs and bank-accounts filled to the brim. However, their wealth will not salvage their parties. No, they are being traded on the altar of being in the mercy of Museveni. That is just asking for a brief or prolonged death. Museveni will not see any value of them for long. Sooner or later, when the steam and the additional costs are seen as unsustainable.

The only other way they believe they have the same sort of maverick moves like Gen. Moses Ali who always linger around the President. In the same way his never leaving his sights. Mao and Akena better hope that they are treated like the old general. Because, if they are not… than they have traded their gold and heirloom for shiny things that only glimmer, but has no initial value. Peace.

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