Ukraine: Lavrov wants to shift the narrative…

The geographical tasks of the special operation have changed, now it is not only the Luhansk and the Donetsk, but also a number of other territories”Sergey Lavrov (20.07.2022).

After 147 days since the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. The “Special Operation” aka the full-fledge war and invasion is supposed to hit a new gear. Well, I don’t believe, Kremlin, Putin or Lavrov in this matter. They have already tried to bomb everywhere on the map. They have tried to cease all territories and attack most parts. Heck, they attacked and moved units into Belarus, which was used to attack Ukrainian soil. Therefore, the sudden shift isn’t believable. We just know the drill and the appeal of these statements.

The supposed Russian Diplomat Sergey Lavrov know how these statements will be amplified and cause a stir. However, nobody should be shocked. The Russian Federation wants to annex whole of Ukraine and erase the nation from the map. They want a puppet (junta) regime in power in Kyiv, which Putin can order around and be his bitch like the dictator in Minsk. That’s all he ever wanted and dreams off. His not concerned about the costs or the price of doing so. As long as the Ukrainian nation is under his feet and bowing to his supremacy. That’s really it…

So, the diplomat of Kremlin continues:

the West supplies Kiev with long-range weapons, the geographical tasks of the special operation in Ukraine will be pushed even further” (Lavrov, 20.07.2022).

This sort of sentiment isn’t new either. Since the beginning of the “Special Operation” aka full fledged war. The Kremlin has pushed to further escalate things. There been rumours circulating about continuing the conflict in Georgia, Moldova and elsewhere in the former USSR Republic, which is the ones that Putin wants under his control.

Another one of Putin’s allies Dmitry Medvedev has written about Poland and come with utterances in the same regard. That’s why Lavrov’s words isn’t that astonishing now. His just getting them to make headlines again.

The Russians wants to spark fear, intimidate and create hysteria. However, the Russians has wanted to take control of the whole Ukraine. That was the goal and a brief three day war, which has ended up in a prolonged conflict. In which the losses has been huge and thousands of soldiers has died. The costs of the war must be vast and the coffers of Moscow must feel a pinch.

That’s why Putin, Lavrov and everyone else has to bring fear. Since their armies aren’t moving swiftly enough or capable of taking territories quickly enough. They are not even able to keep them in-tact or for a long time. That’s why Lavrov speaks like this.

Trying to make it believable… that all of a sudden the motivation has changed and suddenly they want to annex more territories. When we all know they wanted it form the on-set. They didn’t bomb Kyiv to save Donbas. They bombed Kyiv to takeover and annihilate the current Ukrainian leadership. Alas, the sort of play from Lavrov should be undressed. They wouldn’t have massacred civilians in Bucha and elsewhere around in Kyiv oblast. If they didn’t want to be the conquer and be the overlords of Ukraine.

Lavrov try to sell your stories elsewhere. The lies and deceptions doesn’t work. If want to lie to me. Lie better. Please, because this just looks and sounds stupid. Peace.

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