Opinion: The Honourable Speaker should speak to her master…

Politics is there to stay we need peace, let’s preach peace for the good of our people. Politics is not a matter of death” – Speaker Anita Among (19.07.2022)

The Speaker of Parliament should know who is behind it all. The Speaker who was praised and ushered into her office. She should know who has created this system, the use of force and the state sponsored violence on behalf of the President. Honourable Speaker should know all this, but instead speaks of hearsay and what is supposed to be.

The system that’s currently in play is all fixed and nurtured by the President. He has made it in the image of himself. A man that is living by the gun and dying by the gun. The President is proud of getting into office by using weapons and killing. A sort of lifestyle that he has continued and persisted with. That’s why the second most important thing to always uphold is the Uganda People’s Defence Force and keep the authorities on guard.

The President uses violent words and wants to destroy his opponents. He hopes he can corrupt them, but if that doesn’t work. He throws the law-book at them or uses violent means to stop them organizing in their tracks. The use of political charged arrests, detaining without trail or even extra judicial killings. All done in the mercy of the master and the head of state. This has been going on for years and the Speaker should know this bloody well.

That’s why MPs are behind bars as we speak. Their cases are not moving along, but they have serious charges on them. It is opposition MPs who matters to their constituencies… However, the state is using them and silencing them. They are charged with murders and serious crimes, but that will never uphold in the courts themselves. That’s why they are lingering and never freed. So, it’s just like we are supposed to forget about that.

In the same vein. The state uses kidnappings, keeping people incommunicado and torturing them. That’s all done for their political affiliation and stances. They are targeted for who they associate with and what party they signs up for. Heck, even people who associate with the ruling regime can be assassinated or taken out. Especially, if their ambition is beyond the “standard” of pre-fixed positions made by His Excellency.

That’s why listening to the Speaker who said this in connection with the death of the student at the Guild Elections of Makerere University. It is all sad… but this is a mere reflection of the political atmosphere and landscape, which the state and the President has created over the years. It is wrong to die like this, but the state has killed several of others for their beliefs. They have killed by-standers to rallies and funerals. The state has killed drivers of political leaders and nearly even killed a Minister at one point. Therefore, the violence isn’t anything new. It is just what the state does and it hasn’t haunted the highest office yet.

Speaker Among can mean will and be sincere. However, she should address her master. Who uses rhetoric and orders, which are in dark contrast to her words. When the army, the security organizations and everyone is used for political gains. You just know that the merciless of men is coming to hunt down the competition. That is just the game and the game is rigged in favour of the “high above”.

So, dear Speak…. If you really meant these words. Please, talk with caution and send some vibes to your master, the high and mighty. The man that could change these things. However, dear Speaker, I wouldn’t count on it. Since he earns his bread and butter this way. Peace.

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