Ukraine: Russian Military Experts doesn’t understand why Ukraine wants Kherson oblast back…

The Kherson region is a developed industrial-agrarian territory in the south of Ukraine. It borders on the Zaporizhzhya region in the east, the Crimea in the south (along the Sivash and the Perekop isthmus, the Mykolaiv region in the north-west, and the Dniepropetrovsk region in the north” (…) “The seaside and frontier position, closeness of the Azov-Black Sea basin and outlet to the Dnieper river main are the basic features of the region’s economic and geographical location. The region’s area accounts for 4.7% of the territory of Ukraine” ( – ‘Overview of Kherson Oblast’).

It’s been 140 days of the 3 day Russian “Special Operation” aka the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. This has been going. The front-lines and areas of Russian control of Ukrainian territory has shifted over these 140 days. It isn’t like the Russians has kept all territories or been able to invade the whole Republic. The defence of the Ukrainian army has shown massive strength against a superior force. Their resilience is noteworthy and that’s why today’s news from TASS is foolish and shows the plans of Kremlin all along. The Russians had plans to annex the whole Ukraine and enable a puppet regime in Kyiv.

That’s why the Russian media is acting out because the Ukrainian forces are retaliating like in Kherson region (oblast). They wants the retreat of the Russian invaders in the Kherson oblast. That’s close to 5% of the territory of the Ukrainian sovereign state. So, they are within their reach to attack and try to retake their own territories. It is like the Russian military experts doesn’t equate or understand a very simple sentiment. That Ukrainian people wants to take back Ukrainian land. Sometimes something so simple is hard to comprehend in Moscow or in Siberia. However, for the rest of the planet earth. We get the gist…

According to military expert Yury Knutov, Ukraine’s attacks against the Kherson Region have several goals. “They want to create panic and destabilize the situation first. The Kherson Region, which has not sustained significant damage and is ready to join Russia, is currently under fire and is being terrorized,” he explained” (…) ““The danger is not the MRLS or HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems themselves, but modern high-precision missiles that Kiev received from its allies along with them,” military expert Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia” (TASS – Press review: Kaliningrad transit deal reached and why Kiev attacked the Kherson Region’ 13.07.2022).

What is striking after reading TASS today. The European Union warned about this just about three weeks ago (read below). The annexation of Kherson is also a part of the plan to ensure a route to the Transnistria, the separatist region of Moldova. Therefore, no one is shocked. However, the Russians is the invaders and the ones who is taking over territories belonging to Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces aren’t terrorizing or creating panic. They are defending their nation and doing what they can to push back the invaders. It is not like the Ukrainian forces are storming a theatre in Moscow. No, they are shooting at invaders inside their territories.

We strongly condemn the announced preparations for an illegal fake “referendum” in parts of the Kherson region on joining the Russian Federation. Such attempts represent a blatant violation of international law, the Ukrainian constitution and Ukrainian sovereignty by the Kremlin and its proxies. The result of such an orchestrated illegitimate vote will not be recognised by the international community. Russia, its political leadership, and all those involved in the ongoing violations of international law in Ukraine will be held accountable. We are impressed by the determination and courage of the residents of Kherson and other Ukrainian regions under Russian military control, peacefully opposing the invading and oppressing foreign armed forces” (EEAS – ‘Ukraine: Statement by the Spokesperson on Russia’s illegal actions in Kherson’ 29.06.2022).

Therefore, the whole game is rigged. The Russians are trying to act like Kherson is ready and supposed to be annexed into the Russian Federation. However, Kherson oblast belongs to Ukraine and no “Special Operation” can change this. The deaths of soldiers and possible retreat should be a warning to the Russian forces.

The Russians ushered in the war and continues it. They are now acting like they are attacked after invading territory. That is really stupid, stupid. Because … the Russians shouldn’t be shocked that Ukraine retaliate and attacks them in Kherson. They are just doing their duty and wants the Russians to retreat. The Ukrainian forces wants the Russians to leave and run like they did around Kyiv earlier in the year. That’s what we can hope for and especially if the Ukrainian forces gets the right equipment to attack the Russian invaders.

Time will tell… but if the Russians wonders why the Ukrainian are attacking them. Well, they are just wanting their territories back and that’s it. Peace.

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