Opinion: Boris is fighting a losing battle…

NEW: Cabinet Minister tells me “the PM is going to fight”.

Reshuffle in the offing – as some Cabinet ministers set to walk tonight will be replaced.

Remaining loyalists saying PM wants to take confidence vote on and fight it as Parliament V the people.

It’s certainly ‘bold’…” (Harry Cole, 06.07.2022).

The Captain, the Prime Minister is clearly not understanding that his ship is sinking. He got a record amount of ministers and government appointees to resign over the last 48 hours. There is a grand total of 39 who has taken their hat and left the building.

That should be a sign to the Prime Minister. However, Boris Johnson thinks he can soldier on and whether this storm. Even if it is a hopeless enterprise. When his closest allies and known loyalists of the Cabinet has asked him to resign and step down.

He instead continues and thinks he can pursuit a prolonged term. That ship isn’t existing anymore. It is just a matter of time before there is to much water and to late to salvage your own existence. The ship isn’t steady, there isn’t any hope of getting through this. No, the ship is shoddy, with an inept and corrupt captain, which wasn’t prepared for the “final straw” and the loose ends. That’s why it’s all tumbling down.

Even though it’s hard to believe these Conservative MPs finally found a spine and an ounce of integrity. Since, they have defended this abysmal government for so long. They have accepted the negligence, the lack of code, the destruction of the Nolan principal and the fabric of government itself. All which has been beneficial to the PM and his close associates. They have lingered in this climate and gotten entitled.

Now that sort of thing is finally catching on to them. Yes, the cause and reason for the resignations are fine. However, there would a dozens of more scandals, breaches of trust and misuse of power, which could have caused the same outbursts and moral judgements. That’s if these MPs had cared or been caring about just that.

This is why it’s all about timing and fatigue. It isn’t directly about the subject or the lies itself. No, this is a calculated risk and now there was certainty that the majority would let him fall. They could have done it before, but by that time… well, he would have survived. Now his a goner and he just don’t get it himself.

Boris is not a poor bloke. No need to feel sorry for him. This travesty and rocky road is created all by himself. He has caused this…

All the scandals, all the mischief and the lies, which is finally catching up to him. He thought he was the “big dog” and the one who was above it all. Boris had finally gotten to the top and there was no end in sight.

However, the ship is sinking and him as the captain has no idea how to save. He can only boost his ego and his dreams. However, it will end up in a nightmare and there is no possible option of a safe journey.

He either has to resign or he will be removed. The PM can only try the few tricks he has, but it will not amount to anything. There is no magic dust to help him out. It is a nightmare and people just want it to end. Peace.

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