Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association – Joint Statement (06.07.2022)

Out of historical responsibility and to contribute to defending the gains of the glorious December revolution, and out of concern for the future of this country, and out of loyalty to the pure blood that was sacrificed and dear souls lost, and as an affirmation of our adherence to the main principles and objectives of the Sudanese revolution.

In which the masses of the Sudanese people participated, and the masses of the Sudanese people won with unique unity and solidarity in 2019, and in the belief that joint action is the mainstay of achieving the desired goals. Appreciated forces from the professional, labor and craft components reached the need to formulate a new vision that keeps pace with the developments and developments in the Sudanese political arena. It addresses the shortcomings demonstrated by the experience of the transition during the two-and-a-half years until the coup of October 25, 2021 AD.

Serious thinking about confronting the coup, due to which the process of change was delayed, and the pace of national revival faltered, is what prompted us to formulate goals that meet the aspirations of the masses of the Sudanese people, to confirm through them the development of our positions to suit the great upsurge that occurred in the revolutionary sense among the various groups of the Sudanese people. With the consequences of fragmentation among the forces that had previously contributed to the achievement of the revolution, and with an objective and responsible consideration of what all the revolutionary forces did in the processions and sit-ins, we decided, agreed, and were confident to reach a new formula for joint action, which would push the revolutionary process in the country and serve as the mobilization of the revolutionary forces. And aligning it again, which is the formula included in the declaration below, which we call on the political, civil and demand forces and all the relevant components to contribute to its development and supplement it with additions and then sign it.

We, the undersigned, are among the glorious forces of the Sudanese revolution, in adherence to the goals and values of the glorious December revolution, and the valiant resistance to the coup of October 25, 2021 AD, and following the guidance of the martyrs, wounded, injured and missing persons throughout the country.

We announce the continuation of our joint political and operational work, bearing in mind the need to formulate clear goals for the revolution that express the position of most Sudanese women and men.

In light of this, we announce our adoption of the following objectives:

First: The revolutionary authority should immediately step down and a full transitional civilian authority be established.

Second: Dissolving the institutions and structures of the coup government and removing the effects of the October 25 coup.

Third: The return of the military to the barracks and the assumption of the armed, security and police forces’ roles under the executive authority of the Council of Ministers.

Fourth: Accounting and trying the criminals involved in the blood of Sudanese women and men.

Fifth: The Unified National Professional Army.

Sixth: The tasks of the transitional period:

1. Security and military reform.

2. Economic reform and improvement of people’s livelihood.

3. Judicial and justice reform and comprehensive justice of all kinds.

4. The dismantling of the June 30 system.

5. Achieving a comprehensive and just peace.

6. Civil service reform and its nationalism and fair distribution of opportunities.

7. Complete independence of the trade union movement, non-administrative interference in all its forms, and respect for international conventions and covenants in trade union affairs.

8. Preparing for a constitutional conference.

9. Preparation for general elections at the end of the transitional period.

The signatories:

1- Democratic Alliance of Lawyers.

2- Sudan Central Doctors Committee.

3- Sudanese Engineers Association.

4- Central Committee for Medical Laboratories.

5- Sudan Central Pharmacists Committee.

6- The Preparatory Committee for the Restoration of the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate.

7- Omdurman Islamic University Syndicate

8- Management of the General Union of Agricultural Engineers.

9- Administrative Officers Gathering.

10- The Central Committee of Health Officers in Sudan.

11- Committee of Consultants and Specialists.

12- The Human Resources Professionals Association.

13- Sudanese Environmentalists Association.

14- The Meteorological Professionals Association.

15- Sudanese craftsmen and workers gathering.

16- Tax Professionals Association.

17-. Civil Aviation Coordination.

18- The Sharia Physicians Syndicate.

19- The gathering of workers in the oil sector.

20- Steering Committee of the Sub-Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

21- Gathering of judicial authority employees.

22- Sudan University of Science and Technology professors gathering.

23- The Steering Committee of the General Professional Union of Sudanese University and Higher Institutes Professors

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