Opinion: Boris is a captain of a sinking ship…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is just getting more and more resignations. Not that anyone should feel sorry for him. It is by default setting and that’s why it’s occurring in the first place. The lies and deceptions are catching up on him. The PM has tried and used all tricks of the book, but now the game is soon over.

The ones jumping board and abandoning ship. Knows that the ship is soon sinking and it’s just a mater of time. There is no hope for this administration and furthering the cause of the Prime Minister. There is no code, integrity or honesty left. Everything has been sullied and there is no redeeming factors left.

The ones staying behind and accepting posts are corrupted and naive individuals who think they can salvage something. However, the ship is sinking and will not be kept a float for long. The scandals, the lies and the mischief is all on the table. The inner-circle government tenders and corrupt dealings will be shed light on. The new ministers has to answer for that.

This government didn’t get a sack-race over the deaths during the pandemic. They didn’t backstab the PM during the shady PPE-contracts. No, the same ones resigning didn’t care about the Asylum agreement with Rwanda. The same ministers and PPS didn’t issue resignations over a bunch of horrific cases. Neither did they care or take any sort of actions, when the PM and his staff blatantly didn’t care about the COVID-19 Lockdown rules, which was put in place by the same gentlemen that broke them.

So, I don’t feel sorry or have any sort of compassion with the ones leaving. They are just doing so… because the Christopher Pincher MP case becomes to burdensome. These folks cannot manage another scandal and another breach of ethics. The Nolan Principal is yet another thing that has lost meaning under this PM. Because, everything goes and as long as he has power. That what really matters.

They haven’t fulfilled the Brexit. These MPs delivered it, but the results are just tragic. The businesses and the economic prospects are shattering. There is just red numbers and they seemingly doesn’t go into black. However, the PM and his teams thinks of breaching international laws and signed agreements is the way forward. That’s why they teamed up to rewrite the North Ireland Protocol without any consideration or concern about the partners and stakeholders in the European Union. So, it isn’t like the Tories under Boris has been trustworthy to anyone. They cannot even uphold to agreements it has signed themselves during their term.

So, when the Tories are leaving, fleeing or seeking shelter now. Don’t feel sorry for them. They accepted the plights of others. They lied and betrayed the causes they were elected to fight for. These folks was enjoying power and titles. While the same government created more austerity measures and less workable public services. The same government not understanding the struggles or the new surroundings after leaving the EU.

This is why Boris is failing. His inept and corrupt. A man of the elite who doesn’t feel any shame or care for others. It is only a game for him to stay afloat. Even when the ship is sinking and everyone else wants to get onto safe land. Because, he will not steer them there. He will just create more fire and devastation before ever leaving office.

This ship will not only sink, but will be burned too. Peace.

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