Opinion: Boris might be gone by tomorrow…

In London tonight… there are so many resigning and writing letters to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They are all leaving him and giving him “no confidence” because of the new scandal concerning Christopher Pincher MP. Not like this is first or the last scandal, which has been in-connection with the current PM. No, the PM has been a walking scandal and ridden with questionable actions, which could have ended other people’s careers. However, “Operation Save the Big Dog” have been active for so long.

That the PM survived the recent “No Confidence” vote just shows how his been able to manoeuvre and survive. Tonight might be his end. There is no trust and it’s weird it’s happening now. Because, it is not like it’s anything new. His been shielded for all his short-comings and gotten away with everything. There is no accountability or transparency from this man. He is willing to lie about everything and project on everyone else in opposition. Therefore, the PM isn’t an honourable man or a man who is justified to stay. No, he should have resigned a long time ago.

The PM promised so much, but delivers nothing. He lies and deceives… still his gotten away with and nobody has touched upon it. The PM could drink and party during the lockdowns. While civilians and commoners lost their careers for doing the same. The PM was only fined and untouched by it. Therefore, this has looked like he could get away with everything. Just like his government could get away with a bad management of the NHS and Health Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So, to see the Christopher Pincher MP scandal is the final straw. Seems like the Tories finally understand that things will not get better. The current government is filled with loyalist and inept people who cannot manage or muster the right policies to make a difference. No, they are just following a leader without principals or care about code of ethics. This PM just bulldoze through and hope others takes the fall for him. Just like staff of Downing Street getting axed for the parties, but not taking any accountability himself. That’s the sort of bloke the PM is and his proud of it too.

That’s why it’s powerful that so many is resigning from various of offices in government and the party itself. The list is growing and seems to be a thing that needs updates during the evening. This here is the current resignation today alone.

Rishi Sunak MP (Chancellor)

Sajid Javid MP (Health Sec.)

Bim Afolami MP (Vice Chair)

Jonathan Gullis MP (PPS, NI)

Nicola Richards MP (PPS, Transport)

Saqib Bhatti MP (PPS, Health)

Andrew Murrison MP (Trade Envoy, Morocco)

When a list like this resigns in a one evening or one day. You know things are grim. The lack of Cobra meetings or care of governance is out the window now. The PM knows that his feet is burning and nobody trusts his gut. If they do… they are fellow cronies who is clinging on to hope that he can weather the storm yet again. Like he can party himself out of this one too.

However, a man like that isn’t a fellow to run a nation. The man who parte after parte. The man who wants to hire his mistress. A man who used questionable funds to go to vacations in the Caribbean. So, there isn’t a year or close to month with something questionable done. That’s why the tide is turning. He shouldn’t have survived the “No Confidence” vote, but he did.

That’s why this was the final drop in the water-glass and now it’s running over. Boris Johnson should catch the MEMO. However, he will linger and not give way. He will try to get through this too. Make some foolish appointments and adjust the cabinet with reckless appointments. Because, he got no choice and who wants to join his team now.

It is a reason why there is so many resignations now. There is no trust and confidence in the man. His a wasteland of scandals and inept governing. The PM is a dead-man walking and the knives are out. He should know his time is up and there is no hope of a return.

He should just go to his Eton guys and drink pints. That he can speak of “war-stories” and the glory days in office. Because, he shouldn’t try to stay. That gig is up and it will just be a matter of time before he see the end of it. Peace.

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