Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Committee on Communication and External Relations – Important statement about (IGAD meeting) – (05.07.2022)

We followed by denouncing the invitation addressed by the head of the coup council, Lieutenant-General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, to the heads of the member states of the IGAD Secretariat for an extraordinary meeting. It will be held today, Tuesday, July 5, in Nairobi, the capital of the sisterly Republic of Kenya.

We renew our appreciation and respect for the Republic of Kenya, its people, the Kenyan presidency, and all the peoples and heads of IGAD member states. We would like to express our rejection of the issuance of this invitation by General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, as he is the head of a government that is not recognized by the regional and international communities. And to ask at the same time about the legitimacy of accepting this invitation by the heads of state of the organization in conjunction with the role played by the organization as a facilitator within the framework of the tripartite initiative in which it participates with the United Nations and the African Union.

It also coincided with the freezing of the African Union – which is the continental organization with reference in these matters – Sudan’s membership in its activities, which necessarily applies to the activities of IGAD.

We direct our statement to the heads of IGAD member states. We appreciate the role they play to help Sudan find solutions to its current problems. We ask them, within the framework of their prescribed role in maintaining peace, security and stability in the region, and establishing and protecting the basic rights of its people, to:

First: Condemning the fateful 25th of October coup and rejecting all the decisions and measures that resulted from it.

Second: Condemning the crimes committed by the coup regime in Sudan and the excessive violence it uses against defenseless citizens.

Third: To declare, beyond any doubt, that the meeting of the heads of state of the IGAD group with the head of the coup regime in Sudan does not mean, in any way, recognition of him or his coup regime.

And that the goal of meeting with him is to send a strong message to him to comply with the desire of the Sudanese people and hand over power to civilians and the withdrawal of the military from the political process in line with the founding charters of the IGAD organization that upholds the values of freedom, justice, democracy and human rights.

In conclusion, the Nairobi meeting is a real test of the credibility of the IGAD organization and its seriousness in confronting everything that would constitute a threat and a violation of the founding values and charters of the organization, and its role as an acceptable and capable mediator in resolving crises and conflicts that the region is exposed to from time to time.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Committee on Communication and Foreign Relations

5 July 2022

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