Opinion: I don’t trust Al-Burhan or Hemeti …

Today’s Press Conference by President Al-Burhan doesn’t seem legit to me. There is more behind this move, which gives me a reason to believe in President Al-Burhan and Vice-President Hemeti of the Transitional Sovereign Council. The leaders and army commanders, which has made two coups to ensure they consolidated all powers within their ranks.

That Al-Burhan is stepping down from the Tripartite Negotiations and promises a civilian government. While still clinging on power in a Supreme Military Council. That is still having control of the armies and the state militias. They will be their own lords of their profession and not retire after playing both army commanders and heads of state.

Al-Burhan and Hemeti has shown their will for power. They wanted all influence and was willing to takeover after Al-Bashir. These two wanted to hijack the revolution and be celebrated for their first coup d’etat. The second coup d’etat in October last year, which has had public pressure on them for months. A sort of direct protests, processions and industrial actions, which has been violently cracked down, civilians killed and leaders of the civilian entities arrested.

It is hard to see which civilians who will participate in the talks with IGAD, AU and UN. There is no unified movement and direct leadership that can suddenly fill the void. There are the Resistance Committees, Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), Sudanese Congress Party, Sudanese Communist Party and National Umma Party are all viable parties, which could be seen as civilian representatives. However will they work together? Will they coordinate or find new ways to negotiate and be instead of Sovereign Council in the Tripartite negotiations?

I hope the Resistance Committee’s own Revolutionary Charter for People’s Power (RCPP) could be a guiding document. As that is setting the standards of the way forward. We are not sure if that is fitting with the dream of “Supreme Military Council” which is an own creation of the current army commanders. Who is willing to possibly step down… but they still want to have power and control of the army. That says they are not willing to bound totally down. They are not retiring or ceasing out of office.

So, the ones praising and saying this is a wise move of the Sovereign Council. The others who got seats, the militias and warlords who signed off on the second coup d’etat will be a new problem or possibly be part of the “Supreme Military Council”. That’s if the SAF/RSF recognizing them and acknowledge their military stature in Darfur, Blue Nile State and South Kordofan.

Certainly, today’s action is significant. Nevertheless, the devil is in the details. I don’t believe Al-Burhan and Hemeti would leave office easily. Especially, when they have tasted power and had close to total power since the first coup d’etat in 2019. Now in July 2022 they are suddenly stepping down for their destiny…

Well… I don’t trust these guys. I really don’t, I wouldn’t be shocked if they only stepped down temporarily and when things get more shiny. They will do another coup d’etat. When the times are getting better and have stability. The likes of Al-Burhan and Hemeti will return to make a third coup d’etat in Khartoum. Seal of the city and arrest the civilian leaders. Therefore, these sorts of army commanders are conning and doesn’t back down.

I just don’t believe these guys… they have a plan and sooner or later they will return again. Just wait and see… these guys are wise and know when to strike. Therefore, I am reluctant to celebrate and wonders what is their real scheme ahead. Peace.

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