Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Release (03.07.2022)

We call for the diversity of forms of qualitative and mass resistance and for unity among its forces.

– The civil front is born from the unity of the field work of the resistance.

– Excessive violence, murders, and repression of the putschists responsible destroyed the political process.

We say with confidence that the October 25, 2021 coup has practically fallen and has died clinically, and what remains is the unity of the forces of the revolution that will bring him to his final resting place. We are confident that the united civil front is born in the midst of the field work of the resistance and its continuous battles and the relentless work of uniting its forces.

June 30 opened the way wide to defeat and overthrow the coup and led to the expansion of all forms of resistance work and the forces of freedom and change support its continuation and development without neglecting any of its forms, especially:

1- The processions and millions of people across the country and in the diaspora, which united the daughters and sons of our people in the countryside and cities.

2- The sit-ins in neighborhoods, cities and public squares with tight coordination between all the forces of the revolution to make it successful and solve the issues it faces.

3- Broad solidarity with the families of the martyrs and the solemn funerals for them, processions and demonstrations to commemorate their memory, and caring for the wounded.

4- Continuous provocation in neighborhoods and roads to restrain the security services, taking into account the daily needs of citizens.

5- Specific strikes and escalating preparations to reach civil disobedience and political strike as soon as possible through unified coordination between the revolutionary forces.

6- Extensive campaigns for the release of detainees, listing their names, and extending them to human rights organizations.

7- Putting the names of the martyrs on the roads and institutions in all the cities and villages of Sudan and placing their pictures that unite the Sudanese men and women without regard to geography and ethnicity, and consolidating the principles of national unity and citizenship without discrimination.

8- Serious work to establish a united civil front that transcends the sterile differences of the revolutionary forces and enables our people to defeat and overthrow the coup and the duty to establish this front now, not tomorrow.

Political process:

– Excessive repression, murders and mass arrests by the coup authority are responsible for destroying the political process.

– The coup leaders are waging war on the people Using the utmost levels of violence and brutality, a confrontation in which our people will win and seize their full and undiminished civil and democratic authority.

To the Armed Forces and Other Regular Forces:

– The coup not only harmed our country, but also the armed and other regular forces and brought them into a confrontation with the people the time has come to end this confrontation by defeating the coup and heading towards establishing a democratic civil authority and building a single professional army.

Regional and International Community:

– We call on you to denounce the crimes of the putschists and hold them accountable and the moral inequality between the perpetrators of the crime and its victims. We also call on you to exercise all forms of pressure and support for the right of our people to establish their democratic civil authority, and to demand the protection of civilians and peaceful activity.

Glory and eternity to the people of Sudan and their valiant resistance

Sunday 3 July 2022 AD

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