Sudan: Hemeti isn’t a man of peace…

The two main leaders of the Transitional Sovereign Council is currently the Vice-President Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti and President Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. These are seasoned military commanders and warlords, which served tirelessly under the final years of the dictator Omar Al-Bashir. Therefore, these two are conning and scheming ahead.

These two has already altered the political sphere and tried to hijack the December revolution of 2018. Which was the end of the Al-Bashir era. The 2019 Transitional Constitutional Charter was practically dissolved when the same two warlords altered the power-structure, which they agreed upon when they took out their previous leader and head of state. That was done with the 25th October 2021.

Now, we are yet again that Hemeti acts like a righteous and a holy man, which couldn’t further from the truth. The former commander of the Rapid Support Force or the Janjaweed has blood on his hands. His militia has created bloodshed and been an instrument of tyranny over the years. Now that he has a seat in Khartoum that doesn’t change the spots of the leopard.

This is why Hemeti will try to configure himself differently now. He wants to seem as a changed man and a religious man. I cannot look into his heart or his mind. However, the orders from him as an army commander and running the militia proves otherwise. Hemeti isn’t coming peace or reconciliation. That isn’t something we can really believe in 2022.

We know the army has killed civilians as long as we can remember. The army has strangled the civilian organizations and opposition parties. They are either arresting the leaders of the CSOs, political parties or the resistance committees. If not they are killing them and going after them at the hospitals too. There is nothing that stops them from silencing the voices of reasons in the streets or organizing civil disobedience.

While the authorities and the army does this. They are silencing some, there is coming new and it’s an endless game, which it cannot win. The Resistance Committees and other organizations are working tirelessly to end the junta government, which Hemeti and Al-Burhan represents.

So, when I see the likes of Hemeti tries to holier than the rest of us. I know it is political theatre. His scheming something and wants to configure himself into a new equation. It is like Hemeti knows the Transitional Sovereign Council of the Second Coup cannot survive with these sorts of increasing protests. Neither is it making any favours with the violence and cycle of oppression against the unarmed civilians. Therefore, he his trying to remake his image and character in public.

Hemeti cannot clean the blood from his hands. He has never been held account for his actions or his orders of the years. The bloodshed and massacres in Darfur. The RSF usage to stifle and block the revolutions of recent years. Not that Al-Burhan is any better, but his just the same.

The politicking of Hemeti isn’t looking and his just cleansing himself. Just like he did when he prayed in front of ceremony earlier this year. He wants to look smug and be righteous. However, that man can never become that. Him and the army commanders should ensure a proper transition to a civilian government…

But we know Hemeti… doesn’t want to give up power. Not that Al-Burhan has any plans of leaving either. Nevertheless… the public should know about how his staging himself and trying to be self-righteous… which couldn’t be further from the case. Peace.

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